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Journal Article
Lee, Y. P.; Giorgi, F. M.; Lohse, M.; Kvederaviciute, K.; Klages, S.; Usadel, B.; Meskiene, I.; Reinhardt, R.; Hincha, D. K.: Transcriptome sequencing and microarray design for functional genomics in the extremophile Arabidopsis relative Thellungiella salsuginea (Eutrema salsugineum). BMC Genomics 14, p. 793 - 793 (2013)
Journal Article
Li, J.-W.; Bolser, D.; Manske, M.; Giorgi, F.; Vyahhi, N.; Usadel, B.; Clavijo, B. J.; Chan, T.-F.; Wong, N.; Zerbino, D. et al.; Schneider, M. V.: The NGS WikiBook: a dynamic collaborative online training effort with long-term sustainability. Briefings in Bioinformatics 14 (5), pp. 548 - 555 (2013)
Journal Article
Paparelli, E.; Gonzali, S.; Parlanti, S.; Novi, G.; Giorgi, F. M.; Licausi, F.; Kosmacz, M.; Feil, R.; Lunn, J. E.; Brust, H. et al.; van Dongen, J. T.; Steup, M.; Perata, P.: Misexpression of a Chloroplast Aspartyl Protease Leads to Severe Growth Defects and Alters Carbohydrate Metabolism in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 160 (3), pp. 1237 - 1250 (2012)
Journal Article
Vasilevski, A.; Giorgi, F. M.; Bertinetti, L.; Usadel, B.: LASSO modeling of the Arabidopsis thaliana seed/seedling transcriptome: a model case for detection of novel mucilage and pectin metabolism genes. Molecular Biosystems 8 (10), pp. 2566 - 2574 (2012)
Journal Article
Licausi, F.; Giorgi, F. M.; Schmalzlin, E.; Usadel, B.; Perata, P.; van Dongen, J. T.; Geigenberger, P.: HRE-Type Genes Are Regulated by Growth-Related Changes in Internal Oxygen Concentrations During the Normal Development of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Tubers. Plant & Cell Physiology 52 (11), pp. 1957 - 1972 (2011)
Journal Article
Licausi, F.; Kosmacz, M.; Weits, D. A.; Giuntoli, B.; Giorgi, F. M.; Voesenek, L. A. C. J.; Perata, P.; van Dongen, J. T.: Oxygen sensing in plants is mediated by an N-end rule pathway for protein destabilization. Nature 479 (7373), pp. 419 - 422 (2011)
Journal Article
Mutwil, M.; Klie, S.; Tohge, T.; Giorgi, F. M.; Wilkins, O.; Campbell, M. M.; Fernie, A. R.; Usadel, B.; Nikoloski, Z.; Persson, S.: PlaNet: Combined Sequence and Expression Comparisons across Plant Networks Derived from Seven Species. The Plant Cell 23 (3), pp. 895 - 910 (2011)
Journal Article
Ryngajllo, M.; Childs, L.; Lohse, M.; Giorgi, F. M.; Lude, A.; Selbig, J.; Usadel, B.: SLocX: predicting subcellular localization of Arabidopsis proteins leveraging gene expression data. Frontiers in Plant Science 2, p. 43 (2011)
Journal Article
Giorgi, F. M.; Bolger, A. M.; Lohse, M.; Usadel, B.: Algorithm-driven Artifacts in median polish summarization of Microarray data. BMC Bioinformatics 11, p. 553 (2010)
Journal Article
Licausi, F.; Giorgi, F. M.; Zenoni, S.; Osti, F.; Pezzotti, M.; Perata, P.: Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of the AP2/ERF superfamily in Vitis vinifera. BMC Genomics 11, p. 719 (2010)
Journal Article
Lohse, M.; Nunes-Nesi, A.; Krueger, P.; Nagel, A.; Hannemann, J.; Giorgi, F. M.; Childs, L.; Osorio, S.; Walther, D.; Selbig, J. et al.; Sreenivasulu, N.; Stitt, M.; Fernie, A. R.; Usadel, B.: Robin: An Intuitive Wizard Application for R-Based Expression Microarray Quality Assessment and Analysis. Plant Physiology 153 (2), pp. 642 - 651 (2010)
Journal Article
Mutwil, M.; Ruprecht, C.; Giorgi, F. M.; Bringmann, M.; Usadel, B.; Persson, S.: Transcriptional Wiring of Cell Wall-Related Genes in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant 2 (5), pp. 1015 - 1024 (2009)

Review Article (1)

Review Article
Usadel, B.; Obayashi, T.; Mutwil, M.; Giorgi, F. M.; Bassel, G. W.; Tanimoto, M.; Chow, A.; Steinhauser, D.; Persson, S.; Provart, N. J.: Co-expression tools for plant biology: opportunities for hypothesis generation and caveats. (2009)
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