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Journal Article
Schada von Borzyskowski, L.; Schulz-Mirbach, H.; Troncoso Castellanos, M.; Severi, F.; Gomez Coronado, P. A.; Paczia, N.; Glatter, T.; Bar-Even, A.; Lindner, S. N.; Erb, T.J.: Implementation of the β-hydroxyaspartate cycle increases growth performance of Pseudomonas putida on the PET monomer ethylene glycol. Metabolic Engineering 76, pp. 97 - 109 (2023)
Journal Article
Schulz-Mirbach, H.; Mueller, A.; Wu, T.; Pfister, P.; Aslan, S.; Schada von Borzyskowski, L.; Erb , T.J.; Bar-Even, A.; Lindner, S. N.: On the flexibility of the cellular amination network in E. coli. eLife 11, e77492 (2022)
Journal Article
Iacometti, C.; Marx, K.; Hönick, M.; Biletskaia, V.; Schulz-Mirbach, H.; Dronsella, B.; Satanowski, A.; Delmas, V.A.; Berger, A.; Dubois, I. et al.; Bouzon, M.; Döring, V.; Noor, E.; Bar-Even, A.; Lindner, S. N.: Activating Silent Glycolysis Bypasses in Escherichia coli. BioDesign Research 2022, 9859643 (2022)
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