Publications of M. K. Udvardi

Book Chapter (5)

Book Chapter
Kahn, M. L., McDermott, T. R. & Udvardi, M. K. in The Rhizobiaceae (eds. Spaink, H. P., Kondorosi, A. & Hooykaas, P. J. J.) (Kluwer Academic Publ., 1998). at <>

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Maximova, E., Blacha, A., Altmann, T. & Udvardi, M. K. Heterosis in Arabidopsis thaliana: Structural aspects in mature and germinating seeds from hybrid and parental lines. in 14th European Microscopy Congress (eds. Aretz, A., Hermanns-Sachweh, B. & Mayer, J.) 177–178 (Springer, 2008). at <>

Report (1)

Udvardi, M. K. Model legumes strut their stuff. 14, (2001).

Other (1)

Udvardi, M. K., Czechowski, T. & Scheible, W.-R. Eleven golden rules of quantitative RT-PCR. Plant Cell 20, 1736–1737 (2008).

Editorial (1)

Udvardi, M. K. & Scheible, W.-R. GRAS genes and the symbiotic Green Revolution. Science 308, 1749–1750 (2005).

Review Article (11)

Review Article
Sanchez, D. H., Siahpoosh, M. R., Roessner, U., Udvardi, M. K. & Kopka, J. Plant metabolomics reveals conserved and divergent metabolic responses to salinity. Physiologia Plantarum 132, 209–219 (2008).
Review Article
Benedito, V. A., Dai, X. B., He, J., Zhao, P. X. & Udvardi, M. K. Functional genomics of plant transporters in legume nodules. Functional Plant Biology 33, 731–736 (2006).
Review Article
Domoney, C., Duc, G., Ellis, T. H. N., Ferrandiz, C., Firnhaber, C., Gallardo, K., Hofer, J., Kopka, J., Kuester, H., Madueno, F., Munier-Jolain, N. G., Mayer, K., Thompson, R., Udvardi, M. K. & Salon, C. Genetic and genomic analysis of legume flowers and seeds. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 9, 133–141 (2006).
Review Article
Oldroyd, G. E. D., Harrison, M. J. & Udvardi, M. K. Peace talks and trade deals. Keys to long-term harmony in legume-microbe symbioses. Plant Physiology 137, 1205–1210 (2005).
Review Article
Udvardi, M. K., Tabata, S., Parniske, M. & Stougaard, J. Lotus japonicus: Legume research in the fast lane. Trends in Plant Science 10, 222–228 (2005).
Review Article
Colebatch, G., Desbrosses, G., Ott, T., Krusell, L., Montanari, O., Kloska, S., Kopka, J. & Udvardi, M. K. Global changes in transcription orchestrate metabolic differentiation during symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Lotus japonicus. Plant Journal 39, 487–512 (2004).
Review Article
Colebatch, G., Trevaskis, B. & Udvardi, M. K. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation research in the postgenomics era. New Phytologist 153, 37–42 (2002).
Review Article
Colebatch, G., Trevaskis, B. & Udvardi, M. K. Functional genomics: tools of the trade. New Phytologist 153, 27–36 (2002).
Review Article
Trevaskis, B., Colebatch, G., Desbrosses, G., Wandrey, M., Wienkoop, S., Saalbach, G. & Udvardi, M. K. Differentiation of plant cells during symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Comparative and Functional Genomics 3, 151–157 (2002).
Review Article
Howitt, S. M. & Udvardi, M. K. Structure, function and regulation of ammonium transporters in plants. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes 1465, 152–170 (2000).
Review Article
Udvardi, M. K. & Day, D. A. Metabolite transport across symbiotic membranes of legume nodules. Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology 48, 493–523 (1997).
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