Doctoral Training

Doctoral Training

Our IMPRS is an interdisciplinary doctoral programme devoted to scientific excellence in plant biology, with a focus on plant systems biology and plant genomics. Research is at the core of the doctoral programme.


Acknowledgement of course participation and monitoring of students' progress

The coordination office will monitor the progress of doctoral students within the IMPRS-PMPG. Students should fulfil all required activities within the curriculum and collect 20 CP or more. To be awarded CP for a training element, it is necessary that students provide proofs of fulfilment. Copies of certificates, written reports, conference abstracts etc. should be handed in to the coordination office. The study progress of all doctoral students will be monitored with the help of a database.
Visits in external labs and external training activities can substitute for attendance of courses offered within the doctoral programme. Attendance of conferences and external courses requires approval of the responsible supervisor.


Evaluation of training courses

In order to maintain a high quality curriculum, we evaluate our teaching and training activities. The coordination office provides support to allow evaluation of the quality and relevance of training elements.


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