Former IMPRS Faculty Members

The group leaders listed below are former members of our IMPRS faculty. They were affiliated to the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPI-MP) or the University of Potsdam (UP). They have moved on to new positions at other institutions or have retired.

Please note: These scientists are no longer available as supervisors for PhD projects in our IMPRS. If you are interested in joining their labs for a PhD, please contact them at their current institution.

If you are planning to apply for our IMPRS, please return to IMPRS Faculty (active) to inform yourself about our current faculty and their availability for supervising PhD projects.

Ute Armbruster

Regulation of Photosynthesis | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2021-2023
Since 2023: Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany
More about the Armbruster lab at HHU

Arren Bar-Even

Systems and Synthetic Biology | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2015-2020
Dr Bar-Even passed away in September 2020. Tribute for Arren Bar-Even

Ingo Dreyer 

Biophysics and Synthetic Biology | IMPRS faculty (UP) 2007-2011
Since 2015: Center for Bioinformatics and Molecular Simulations (CBSM), Universidad de Talca, Chile
More about Ingo Dreyer

Oliver Ebenhöh

Theoretical Biology | IMPRS faculty (UP) 2007-2009 
Since 2013: Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany
More about the Ebenhöh group at HHU

Kerstin Kaufmann

Molecular Genetics and Evolution of Flower Development | IMPRS faculty (UP) 2012-2016
Since 2016: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
More about the Kaufmann lab at HU Berlin

Franziska Krajinski

Plant-Microbe Interactions | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2007-2015
Since 2015: University of Leipzig, Germany
More about the Krajinski lab at Universität Leipzig

Roosa Laitinen

Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Adaptation | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2012-2021
Since 2021: University of Helsinki, Finland
More about the Laitinen lab at University of Helsinki

Staffan Persson

Plant Cell Walls and Cellulose Synthesis | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2007-2015
Since 2020: University of Copenhagen, Denmark
More about the Persson lab at University of Copenhagen

André Scheffel

Algal Biomineralization | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2012-2021
Since 2021: Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
More about the Scheffel lab at TU Dresden

Michael Schroda

Molecular Chaperone Networks and Plant Stress | IMPRS faculty (UP) 2008-2011
Since 2011: University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
More about the Schroda lab at University of Kaiserslautern

Waltraud Schulze

Signalling Proteomics | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2007-2013
Since 2013: University of Hohenheim, Germany
More about the Schulze lab at University of Hohenheim

Joachim Selbig

Bioinformatics | IMPRS faculty (UP) 2007-2017
Emeritus Professor

Martin Steup

Plant Carbohydrate Metabolism | IMPRS faculty (UP) 2007-2013
Emeritus Professor

Vanessa Wahl

Metabolism and Development | IMPRS faculty (MPI-MP) 2017-2021
Since 2022: The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
More about Vanessa Wahl

Lothar Willmitzer

Molecular Physiology | IMPRS Faculty (MPI-MP) 2007-2022
Emeritus Director; Profile of Prof. em. Lothar Willmitzer
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