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Cuadros-Inostroza, Á.; Verdugo-Alegría, C.; Willmitzer, L.; Moreno-Simunovic, Y.; Vallarino, J. G.: Non-Targeted Metabolite Profiles and Sensory Properties Elucidate Commonalities and Differences of Wines Made with the Same Variety but Different Cultivar Clones. Metabolites 10 (6), E220 (2020)
Journal Article
Pott, D. M.; de Abreu e Lima, F.; Soria, C.; Willmitzer, L.; Fernie, A. R.; Nikoloski, Z.; Osorio, S.; Vallarino, J. G.: Metabolic reconfiguration of strawberry physiology in response to postharvest practices. Food Chemistry 321, 126747 (2020)
Journal Article
Pott, D. M.; Vallarino, J. G.; Cruz-Rus, E.; Willmitzer, L.; Sanchez-Sevilla, J. F.; Amaya, I.; Osorio, S.: Genetic analysis of phenylpropanoids and antioxidant capacity in strawberry fruit reveals mQTL hotspots and candidate genes. Scientific Reports 10 (1), 20197 (2020)
Journal Article
Vallarino, J.G.; Merchante, C.; Sánchez-Sevilla, J.F.; de Luis Balaguer, M.A.; Pott, D.M.; Ariza, M.T.; Casañal, A.; Posé, D.; Vioque, A.; Amaya, I. et al.; Willmitzer, L.; Solano, R.; Sozzani, R.; Fernie, A. R.; Botella, M.A.; Giovannoni, J.J.; Valpuesta, V.; Osorio, S.: Characterizing the involvement of FaMADS9 in the regulation of strawberry fruit receptacle development. Plant Biotechnology Journal 18 (4), pp. 929 - 943 (2020)
Journal Article
Yu, Q.; He, Z.; Zubkov, D.; Huang, S.; Kurochkin, I.; Yang, X.; Halene, T.; Willmitzer, L.; Giavalisco, P.; Akbarian, S. et al.; Khaitovich, P.: Lipidome alterations in human prefrontal cortex during development, aging, and cognitive disorders. Molecular Psychiatry 25 (11), pp. 2952 - 2969 (2020)
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