Publications of Dirk Hincha

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Hincha, D. K.; Bratt, P. J.; Williams, W. P.: A cryoprotective lectin reduces the solute permeability and lipid fluidity of thylakoid membranes. Cryobiology 34 (3), pp. 193 - 199 (1997)
Journal Article
Hincha, D. K.; Meins, F.; Schmitt, J. M.: beta-1,3-glucanase is cryoprotective in vitro and is accumulated in leaves during cold acclimation. Plant Physiology 114 (3), pp. 1077 - 1083 (1997)
Journal Article
Hincha, D. K.; Pfueller, U.; Schmitt, J. M.: The concentration of cryoprotective lectins in mistletoe (Viscum albam L.) leaves is correlated with leaf frost hardiness. Planta 203 (2), pp. 140 - 144 (1997)
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