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Journal Article
Deng, M. C.; Eisen, H. J.; Mehra, M. R.; Billingham, M.; Marboe, C. C.; Berry, G.; Kobashigawa, J.; Johnson, F. L.; Starling, R. C.; Murali, S. et al.; Pauly, D. F.; Baron, H.; Wohlgemuth, J. G.; Woodward, R. N.; Klingler, T. M.; Walther, D.; Lal, P. G.; Rosenberg, S.; Hunt, S.: Noninvasive discrimination of rejection in cardiac allograft recipients using gene expression profiling. American Journal of Transplantation 6 (1), pp. 150 - 160 (2006)
Journal Article
Mehra, M. R.; Uber, P. A.; Walther, D.; Vesely, M.; Wohlgemuth, J. G.; Prentice, J.; Tayama, D.; Billingham, M.: Gene expression profiles and B-type natriuretic peptide elevation in heart transplantation more than a hemodynamic marker. Circulation 114 (1 Suppl), pp. I21 - I26 (2006)
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