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Journal Article
Agrawal, S.; Karcher, D.; Ruf, S.; Bock, R.: The Functions of Chloroplast Glutamyl-tRNA in Translation and Tetrapyrrole Biosynthesis. Plant Physiology 183 (1), pp. 263 - 276 (2020)
Journal Article
Greiner, S.; Golczyk, H.; Malinova, I.; Pellizzer, T.; Bock, R.; Börner, T.; Herrmann, R. G.: Chloroplast nucleoids are highly dynamic in ploidy, number, and structure during angiosperm leaf development. The Plant Journal 102 (4), pp. 730 - 746 (2020)
Journal Article
He, W.; Xu, W.; Xu, L.; Fu, K.; Guo, W.; Bock, R.; Zhang, J.: Length-dependent accumulation of double-stranded RNAs in plastids affects RNA interference efficiency in the Colorado potato beetle. Journal of Experimental Botany 71 (9), pp. 2670 - 2677 (2020)
Journal Article
Moreno, J.C.; Mi, J.; Agrawal, S.; Kössler, S.; Turečková, V.; Tarkowská, D.; Thiele, W.; Al-Babili, S.; Bock, R.; Schöttler, M. A.: Expression of a carotenogenic gene allows faster biomass production by redesigning plant architecture and improving photosynthetic efficiency in tobacco. The Plant Journal 103 (6), pp. 1967 - 1984 (2020)
Journal Article
Schuster, M.; Gao, Y.; Schöttler, M. A.; Bock, R.; Zoschke, R.: Limited Responsiveness of Chloroplast Gene Expression during Acclimation to High Light in Tobacco. Plant Physiology 182 (1), pp. 424 - 435 (2020)
Journal Article
Tan, J.; Zhang, F.; Karcher, D.; Bock, R.: Expanding the genome-targeting scope and the site selectivity of high-precision base editors. Nature Communications 11 (1), 629 (2020)
Journal Article
van Eerde, A.; Várnai, A.; Jameson, J.K.; Paruch, L.; Moen, A.; Anonsen, J.H.; Chylenski, P.; Steen, H.S.; Heldal, I.; Bock, R. et al.; Eijsink, V.G.H.; Liu-Clarke, J.: In-depth characterization of Trichoderma reesei cellobiohydrolase TrCel7A produced in Nicotiana benthamiana reveals limitations of cellulase production in plants by host-specific post-translational modifications. Plant Biotechnology Journal 18 (3), pp. 631 - 643 (2020)
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