Publications of Friedrich Kragler

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Ostendorp, A.; Ostendorp, S.; Zhou, Y.; Chaudron, Z.; Wolffram, L.; Rombi, K.; von Pein, L.; Falke, S.; Jeffries, C. M.; Svergun, D. I. et al.; Betzel, C.; Morris, R. J.; Kragler, F.; Kehr, J.: Intrinsically disordered plant protein PARCL co-localizes with RNA in phase-separated condensates whose formation can be regulated by mutating the PLD. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 298 (12), 102631 (2022)
Journal Article
Ralevski, A.; Apelt, F.; Olas, J.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Rugarli, E.; Kragler, F.; Horvath, T.: Plant mitochondrial FMT and its mammalian homolog CLUH controls development and behavior in Arabidopsis and locomotion in mice. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 79 (6), 334 (2022)
Journal Article
Apelt, F.; Mavrothalassiti, E.; Gupta, S.; Machin, F.; Olas, J. J.; Annunziata, M. G.; Schindelasch, D.; Kragler, F.: Shoot and root single cell sequencing reveals tissue- and daytime-specific transcriptome profiles. Plant Physiology 188 (2), pp. 861 - 878 (2022)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Machin, F.; Hasbioğlu, Y.; Kragler, F.: An Arabidopsis Callus Grafting Method to Test Cell-to-Cell Mobility of Proteins. In: Plasmodesmata, Vol. 2457, pp. 299 - 312 (Eds. Benitez-Alfonso, Y.; Heinlein, M.) (2022)

Review Article (2)

Review Article
Tedesco, S.; Fevereiro, P.; Kragler, F.; Pina, A.: Plant grafting and graft incompatibility: A review from the grapevine perspective. (2022)
Review Article
Kehr, J.; Morris, R. J.; Kragler, F.: Long-Distance Transported RNAs: From Identity to Function. (2022)
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