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Journal Article
Geigenberger, P.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Stitt, M.: Contribution of adenosine 5 '-diphosphoglucose pyrophosphorylase to the control of starch synthesis is decreased by water stress in growing potato tubers. Planta 209 (3), pp. 338 - 345 (1999)
Journal Article
Trethewey, R. N.; Riesmeier, J. W.; Willmitzer, L.; Stitt, M.; Geigenberger, P.: Tuber-specific expression of a yeast invertase and a bacterial glucokinase in potato leads to an activation of sucrose phosphate synthase and the creation of a sucrose futile cycle. Planta 208 (2), pp. 227 - 238 (1999)
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