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Journal Article
Somssich, M.; Vandenbussche, F.; Ivakov, A.; Funke, N.; Ruprecht, C.; Vissenberg, K.; VanDer Straeten, D.; Persson, S.; Suslov, D.: Brassinosteroids Influence Arabidopsis Hypocotyl Graviresponses through Changes in Mannans and Cellulose. Plant and Cell Physiology 62 (4), pp. 678 - 692 (2021)
Journal Article
Ruprecht, C.; Lohaus, R.; Vanneste, K.; Mutwil, M.; Nikoloski, Z.; Van de Peer, Y.; Persson, S.: Revisiting ancestral polyploidy in plants. Science Advances 3 (7), e1603195 (2017)
Journal Article
Ruprecht, C.; Proost, S.; Hernandez-Coronado, M.; Ortiz-Ramirez, C.; Lang, D.; Rensing, S. A.; Becker, J. D.; Vandepoele, K.; Mutwil, M.: Phylogenomic analysis of gene co-expression networks reveals the evolution of functional modules. The Plant Journal 90 (3), pp. 447 - 465 (2017)
Journal Article
Ruprecht, C.; Mendrinna, A.; Tohge, T.; Sampathkumar, A.; Klie, S.; Fernie, A. R.; Nikoloski, Z.; Persson, S.; Mutwil, M.: FamNet: A Framework to Identify Multiplied Modules Driving Pathway Expansion in Plants. Plant Physiology 170 (3), pp. 1878 - 1894 (2016)
Journal Article
Ruprecht, C.; Carroll, A.; Persson, S.: T-DNA-Induced Chromosomal Translocations in feronia and anxur2 Mutants Reveal Implications for the Mechanism of Collapsed Pollen Due to Chromosomal Rearrangements. Molecular Plant 7 (10), pp. 1591 - 4 (2014)
Journal Article
Ruprecht, C.; Tohge, T.; Fernie, A. R.; Mortimer, C. L.; Kozlo, A.; Fraser, P. D.; Funke, N.; Cesarino, I.; Vanholme, R.; Boerjan, W. et al.; Morreel, K.; Burgert, I.; Gierlinger, N.; Bulone, V.; Schneider, V.; Stockero, A.; Navarro, J. P.; Pudel, F.; Tambuyser, B.; Hygate, J.; Bumstead, J.; Notley, L.; Persson, S.: Transcript and Metabolite Profiling for the Evaluation of Tobacco Tree and Poplar as Feedstock for the Bio-based Industry. Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE (87), e51393 (2014)
Journal Article
Xue, W.; Ruprecht, C.; Street, N.; Hematy, K.; Chang, C.; Frommer, W. B.; Persson, S.; Niittyla, T.: Paramutation-Like Interaction of T-DNA Loci in Arabidopsis. PLoS One 7 (12), p. e51651 (2012)
Journal Article
Ruprecht, C.; Mutwil, M.; Saxe, F.; Eder, M.; Nikoloski, Z.; Persson, S.: Large-scale co-expression approach to dissect secondary cell wall formation across plant species. Frontiers in Plant Science 2, p. 23 (2011)
Journal Article
Mutwil, M.; Ruprecht, C.; Giorgi, F. M.; Bringmann, M.; Usadel, B.; Persson, S.: Transcriptional Wiring of Cell Wall-Related Genes in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant 2 (5), pp. 1015 - 1024 (2009)

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Review Article
Ruprecht, C.; Persson, S.: Co-expression of cell-wall related genes: new tools and insights. (2012)
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