Publications of R. Bock

Book Chapter (19)

Book Chapter
Bock, R.; Hippler, M.: Extranuclear Inheritance: Functional Genomics in Chloroplasts. In: Progress in Botany, Vol. 63, pp. 106 - 131 (Eds. Esser, K.; Luettge, U.; Beyschlag, W.; Hellwig, F.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, GER (2002)
Book Chapter
Bock, R.: RNA editing in plant mitochondria and chloroplasts. In: Frontiers in Molecular Biology, pp. 38 - 60 (Ed. Bass, B.). Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK (2001)
Book Chapter
Schuster, G.; Bock, R.: Editing, polyadenylation and degradation of mRNA in the chloroplast. In: Advances in Photosynthesis, pp. 121 - 136 (Eds. Aro, E.-M.; Andersson, B.). Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht, NED (2001)
Book Chapter
Bock, R.; Hagemann, R.: Extranuclear Inheritance: Plastid Genetics: Manipulation of Plastid Genomes and Biotechnological Applications. In: Progress in Botany, Vol. 61, pp. 76 - 90 (Eds. Esser, K.; Kadereit, J. W.; Luettge, U.; Runge, M.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, GER (2000)
Book Chapter
Bock, R.; Drescher, A.; Ruf, S.: Reverse genetics in higher plant plastids. In: From Symbiosis to Eukaryotism, pp. 427 - 437 (Eds. Wagner, E.; Normann, J.; Greppin, H.; Hackstein, J. H. P.; Herrmann, R. G. et al.). Geneva University Press (1999)
Book Chapter
Hagemann, M. M.; Hagemann, R.; Bock, R.: Extranuclear Inheritance: Plastid Genetics. In: Progress in Botany, Vol. 59, pp. 108 - 130 (Eds. Behnke, H. D.; Luettge, U.; Esser, K.; Kadereit, J. W.; Runge, M.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, GER (1998)
Book Chapter
Bock, R.; Albertazzi, F. J.; Freyer, R.; Fuchs, M.; Ruf, S.; Zeltz, P.; Maier, R. M.: Transcript editing in chloroplasts of higher plants. In: Eukaryotism and Symbiosis, pp. 123 - 137 (Eds. Schenk, H. E. A.; Herrmann, R.; Jeon, K. W.; Mueller, N. E.; Schwemmler, W.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg (1997)

Proceedings (2)

Subcellular alterations in leaves upon down-regulation on PRORP1 in Arabidopsis. (2013)
Metabolic engineering of Vitamin E production in tobacco chloroplast (Proceedings of the 15th European microscopy congress, 3). The 15th European microscopy congress, Manchester, UK, September 16, 2012 - September 21, 2012. (2012)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Lu, Y.; Rijzaani, H.; Karcher, D.; Ruf, S.; Bock, R.: Efficient metabolic pathway engineering in transgenic tobacco and tomato plastids with synthetic multigene operons. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, pp. E623 - E632. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. (2013)
Conference Paper
Bock, R.: Transgenic plastids as expression factories in biotechnology. Febs Journal 277, p. 7 - 7 (2010)

Meeting Abstract (6)

Meeting Abstract
Kersting, K.; Skeffington, A. W.; Bock, R.; Scheffel, A.: Development of Genome Editing Tools for the Coccolithophore Chrysotila Carterae. In Phycologia, 60 (1-SI), pp. 85 - 86. International Phycological Society, Odense (2021)
Meeting Abstract
Clarke, J. L.; Branza-Nichita, N.; Stavaru, C. S.; Sivertsen, A.; Steen, H.; Paruch, L.; Eerde, A.; Heldal, I.; Dobrica, M.-O.; Tucureanu, C. et al.; Onu, A.; Ciulean, S.; Petrareanu, C.; Lazar, C.; Popescu, I.; Haugslien, S.; Bock, R.; Dubuisson, J.: Lettuce-produced hepatitis C virus E1E2 heterodimer triggers immune responses in mice and antibody production after oral vaccination. In In vitro cellular & developmental biology-plant, 54 (Supplement 1), pp. S118 - S119. 14th Quadrennial Congress of the International-Association-of-Plant-Biotechnology (IAPB), Dublin, IRELAND, August 19, 2018 - August 24, 2018. (2018)
Meeting Abstract
Bock, R.: Transgenic plastids as expression factories in biotechnology. In New Biotechnology, 25, p. S282 - S282. (2009)
Meeting Abstract
Bednarczyk, D.; Bock, R.; Schoettler, M.: Genetic manipulation of PSI biogenesis in higher plants. In Photosynthesis Research, 91 (2-3), p. 195 - 195. (2007)
Meeting Abstract
Fluegel, C.; Thiele, W.; Bock, R.; Schoettler, M.: Ontogenetic changes in the biogenesis of the cytochrome-b(6)f complex. In Photosynthesis Research, 91 (2-3), p. 267 - 267. (2007)
Meeting Abstract
Schoettler, M.; Fluegel, C.; Thiele, W.; Piepenburg, K.; Bock, R.: Photosystem I does not contribute to photosynthetic flux control. In Photosynthesis Research, 91 (2-3), p. 188 - 188. (2007)
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