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Journal Article (48)

Journal Article
Glinski, M.; Romeis, T.; Witte, C. P.; Wienkoop, S.; Weckwerth, W.: Stable isotope labeling of phosphopeptides for multiparallel kinase target analysis and identification of phosphorylation sites. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 17 (14), pp. 1579 - 1584 (2003)
Journal Article
Skiebe, P.; Dreger, M.; Boerner, J.; Meseke, M.; Weckwerth, W.: Immunocytochemical and molecular data guide peptide identification by mass spectrometry: Orcokinin and orcomyotropin-related peptides in the stomatogastric nervous system of several crustacean species. Cellular and Molecular Biology 49 (5), pp. 851 - 871 (2003)
Journal Article
Steuer, R.; Kurths, J.; Fiehn, O.; Weckwerth, W.: Observing and interpreting correlations in metabolomic networks. Bioinformatics 19 (8), pp. 1019 - 1026 (2003)
Journal Article
Weckwerth, W.; Selbig, J.: Scoring and identifying organism-specific functional patterns and putative phosphorylation sites in protein sequences using mutual information. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 307 (3), pp. 516 - 521 (2003)
Journal Article
Schuster, S.; Klamt, S.; Weckwerth, W.; Moldenhauer, F.; Pfeiffer, T.: Use of network analysis of metabolic systems in bioengineering. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 24 (6), pp. 363 - 372 (2002)
Journal Article
Kose, F.; Weckwerth, W.; Linke, T.; Fiehn, O.: Visualizing plant metabolomic correlation networks using clique-metabolite matrices. Bioinformatics 17 (12), pp. 1198 - 1208 (2001)
Journal Article
Weckwerth, W.; Miyamoto, K.; Iinuma, K.; Krause, M.; Glinski, M.; Storm, T.; Bonse, G.; Kleinkauf, H.; Zocher, R.: Biosynthesis of PF1022A and related cyclooctadepsipeptides. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275 (23), pp. 17909 - 17915 (2000)
Journal Article
Weckwerth, W.; Willmitzer, L.; Fiehn, O.: Comparative quantification and identification of phosphoproteins using stable isotope labeling and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 14 (18), pp. 1677 - 1681 (2000)

Book (1)

Weckwerth, W.: Metabolomics: Methods and Protocols. Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ, USA (2007)

Book Chapter (7)

Book Chapter
May, P.; Christian, N.; Ebenhoeh, O.; Weckwerth, W.; Walther, D.: Integration of proteomic and metabolomic profiling as well as metabolic modeling for the functional analysis of metabolic networks. In: Bioinformatics for Comparative Proteomics, 21, 2010/12/01 Ed., pp. 341 - 363 (Eds. Wu, C. H.; Chen, C.). Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ, USA (2011)
Book Chapter
Kempa, S.; Walther, D.; Ebenhoeh, O.; Weckwerth, W.: Metabolic Engineering. In: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, pp. 194 - 217 (Eds. Walker, J.; Rapley, R.). Royal Society of Chemistry (2009)
Book Chapter
Morgenthal, K.; Wienkoop, S.; Wolschin, F.; Weckwerth, W.: Integrative profiling of metabolites and proteins: improving pattern recognition and biomarker selection for systems level approaches. In: Metabolomics: Methods and Protocols, pp. 57 - 75 (Ed. Weckwerth, W.). Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ, USA (2007)
Book Chapter
Steuer, R.; Morgenthal, K.; Weckwerth, W.; Selbig, J.: A gentle guide to the analysis of metabolomic data. In: Metabolomics: Methods and Protocols, pp. 105 - 126 (Ed. Weckwerth, W.). Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ, USA (2007)
Book Chapter
Fiehn, O.; Weckwerth, W.: Mass spectrometry: quantitation. In: Encyclopedic Reference of Genomics and Proteomics in Molecular Medicine (Eds. Ganten, D.; Ruckpaul, K.). Springer-Verlag, New York, Heidelberg (2006)
Book Chapter
Weckwerth, W.: Biochemical Profiling in Plant Systems: Phenotypes beyond chemical Equivalence. In: Genomics for Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology., pp. 27 - 34 (Eds. Nap, J.-P.; Atanassov, A.; Stiekema, W. J.). IOS Press (2004)
Book Chapter
Weckwerth, W.; Steuer, R.: Metabolic Networks from a Systems Perspective: From Experiment to Biological Interpretation. In: Metabolic profiling and Metabolome Analyses., pp. 265 - 289 (Eds. Goodacre, R.; Harrigan, G. G.; Vaidyanathan, R.). Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht, NED (2004)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Steuer, R.; Kurths, J.; Fiehn, O.; Weckwerth, W.: Interpreting correlations in metabolomic networks. In: Focused Meeting of the Biochemical-Society, pp. 1476 - 1478. Focused Meeting of the Biochemical-Society, UNIV SHEFFIELD, SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND. (2003)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Weckwerth, W.: Differential Metabolic Correlation Networks in Plant Physiology. In Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 26 (3), p. 179 - 179. (2004)

Other (1)

Wolschin, F.; Weckwerth, W.: Methionine oxidation in peptides-a source for false positive phosphopeptide identification in neutral loss driven MS(3), Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 20, pp. 2516 - 2518 (2006)

Editorial (1)

Kopka, J.; Fernie, A. R.; Weckwerth, W.; Gibon, Y.; Stitt, M.: Metabolite profiling in plant biology: platforms and destinations. Genome Biology 5 (6), p. 109 (2004)
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