Dr. Arren Bar-Even (2020)

Group "Systems and Synthetic Metabolism"
Group leader from 2015 until 2020

Dr. Arren Bar-Even and his group study the biochemical logic and design principles of metabolic pathways and their applications in metabolic engineering of microbes. The group focuses on engineering synthetic alternatives to central metabolic pathways, aiming to uncover optimality in metabolic designs and to offer novel solutions for humanity’s needs in chemical and energy production.

Unfortunately Arren Bar-Even passed away unexpectedly in September 2020.

Obituary for Arren Bar-Even

Obituary for Arren Bar-Even

September 29, 2020
With great sadness, we have to announce the sudden, untimely and tragic death of our colleague Arren Bar-Even who passed away last week at the age of 40. more
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