Gender Equality Officers

The Gender Equality Officers (GEO) and her deputy are elected at the institutes by female employees every four years in a secret election.
In addition, the Max Planck Society has a central GEO who supports the implementation of the Society's equal-opportunity goals.

Gender Equality Officers at the Institutes

The GEOs' mission is to promote and monitor the gender equality of women and men, and to remove and prevent current and future discrimination. They participate in all personal, organizational and social measures that relate to equal opportunity, reconciliation of family and work, as well as sexual harassment at the workplace. They also provide consultation and support for individual employees.

Central Gender Equalitiy Officer

The central GEO supports the Max Planck Society in implementing and developing its equal-opportunity goals:

  • She consults different internal groups—institute, management, sections, officers—in issues relating to equal opportunity. As part of this she serves as a frequent guest in different central bodies of the Max Planck Society.
  • She initiates measures and projects related to equal opportunities.
  • She supports the institute GEOs with information and training, and also by negotiating the roles, rights and duties of the GEOs with decision makers.
  • She support the internal and external communication in gender-equality-related issues and represents the Max Planck Society in this topic.
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