Dr. Sebastian Kloska

Group "Bioinformatics"
New position: Head of bioinformatics at Scienion A.G

Dr Sebastian Kloska led the Central Infrastructure Group, Bioinformatics from June 1998 until August 2001. Under Dr Kloska's leadership, the group focused on developing information systems that foster an infrastructure for the high throughput analytical methods established in our institute. In particular, expression profiling, combined with high throughput technologies, has been generating huge data sets. Interpretation of these data allows evaluation of the transcriptional activity, and thereby the physiological activity, of a given organism as a whole. The group has been developing new methodologies with which to glean information from and detect unforseen relationships within these large data sets. In September 2001 Kloska became the head of Bioinformatics at Scienion in Berlin.

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