The microscopy service unit offers:

  • Initial instruction and support for users of stereo-microscopes, light microscopes, confocal microscopes, electron microscopes (TEM, SEM), microtomes, and provision of protocols for their use, including equipment set-up and technical controls;
  • Advanced methods and protocols for sample preparation for light (fixation, embedding, sectioning, staining, visualisation and analysis of biological specimens) and electron microscopy (fixation, embedding, ultrathin sectioning, visualisation, and analysis of biological specimens);
  • Basics in software programmes „LAS, “Cell^P”, “LAS AF“, “MetaMorph” and image analysis;
  • Organisation of demonstrations of new microscopy techniques, and the introduction of new methods and newly developed techniques in microscopy and soft imaging systems;
  • Teaching and organising of courses on microscopy techniques and software programmes:  a) Microscopy and Analysis, Imaging microscopy; b) Light, Electron and Scanning probe microscopy; c) Correlative microscopy: from Dynamics to Structure (integrated Laser and transmission electron microscopy)


Automated Immunohistochemistry robot
Confocal Microscope I
Confocal Microscope II
Digital Microscope
Fluorescence Microscope
Histology Lab
Motorized Fluorescence Microscope
Rotary Microtome
Sample preparation Room
Spinning disc Microscope
Stereo fluorescence Microscope
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