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Tellstroem, V., Usadel, B., Thimm, O., Stitt, M., Kuester, H. & Niehaus, K. The lipopolysaccharide of Sinorhizobium meliloti suppresses defense-associated gene expression in cell cultures of the host plant Medicago truncatula. Plant Physiology 143, 825–837 (2007).
Urbanczyk-Wochniak, E., Usadel, B., Thimm, O., Nunes-Nesi, A., Carrari, F., Davy, M., Blaesing, O., Kowalczyk, M., Weicht, D., Polinceusz, A., Meyer, S., Stitt, M. & Fernie, A. R. Conversion of MapMan to allow the analysis of transcript data from Solanaceous species: Effects of genetic and environmental alterations in energy metabolism in the leaf. Plant Molecular Biology 60, 773–792 (2006).
Blaesing, O. E., Gibon, Y., Guenther, M., Hoehne, M., Morcuende, R., Osuna, D., Thimm, O., Usadel, B., Scheible, W.-R. & Stitt, M. Sugars and circadian regulation make major contributions to the global regulation of diurnal gene expression in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 17, 3257–3281 (2005).
Usadel, B., Nagel, A., Thimm, O., Redestig, H., Bläsing, O. E., Palacios-Rojas, N., Selbig, J., Hannemann, J., Piques, M. C., Steinhauser, D., Scheible, W.-R., Gibon, Y., Morcuende, R., Weicht, D., Meyer, S. & Stitt, M. Extension of the visualization tool MapMan to allow statistical analysis of arrays, display of coresponding genes, and comparison with known responses. Plant Physiology 138, 1195–1204 (2005).
Scheible, W.-R., Morcuende, R., Czechowski, T., Fritz, C., Osuna, D., Palacios-Rojas, N., Schindelasch, D., Thimm, O., Udvardi, M. K. & Stitt, M. Genome-wide reprogramming of primary and secondary metabolism, protein synthesis, cellular growth processes, and the regulatory infrastructure of Arabidopsis in response to nitrogen. Plant Physiology 136, 2483–2499 (2004).
Steinhauser, D., Usadel, B., Luedemann, A., Thimm, O. & Kopka, J. CSB.DB: a comprehensive systems-biology database. Bioinformatics 20, 3647–3651 (2004).
Thimm, O., Blaesing, O., Gibon, Y., Nagel, A., Meyer, S., Krueger, P., Selbig, J., Mueller, L. A., Rhee, S. Y. & Stitt, M. MAPMAN: a user-driven tool to display genomics data sets onto diagrams of metabolic pathways and other biological processes. Plant Journal 37, 914–939 (2004).
Stitt, M., Blaesing, O., Gibon, Y., Thimm, O. & Scheible, W.-R. Das Problem der Fuelle. Funktionelle Genomik von Kohlenhydrat- und Stickstoff-Stoffwechsel in Arabidopsis. GenomXpress 3, 2–5 (2003).
Thimm, O., Essigmann, B., Kloska, S., Altmann, T. & Buckhout, T. J. Response of arabidopsis to iron deficiency stress as revealed by microarray analysis. Plant Physiology 127, 1030–1043 (2001).

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Thimm, O., Blaesing, O., Usadel, B. & Gibon, Y. in Advances in Plant Research - Control of Primary Metabolism in Plants (Hrsg. Plaxton, W. & MacManus, M.) (Blackwell Publ., 2005). auf <>

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Fluck, J., Stitt, M., Selbig, J., Hofmann, M. & Thimm, O. Using named entity recognition for ontology annotation: An experimental approach for Arabidopsis functional genome annotation. in ECCB'05 Workshop on Biomedical Ontologies and Text Processing (2005). auf <>
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