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Hoehenwarter, W., Larhlimi, A., Hummel, J., Egelhofer, V., Selbig, J., van Dongen, J. T., Wienkoop, S. & Weckwerth, W. MAPA Distinguishes Genotype-Specific Variability of Highly Similar Regulatory Protein Isoforms in Potato Tuber. Journal of Proteome Research 10, 2979–2991 (2011).
Chen, Y., Hoehenwarter, W. & Weckwerth, W. Comparative analysis of phytohormone-responsive phosphoproteins in Arabidopsis thaliana using TiO2-phosphopeptide enrichment and mass accuracy precursor alignment. Plant Journal 63, 1–17 (2010).
Hoehenwarter, W., van Dongen, J. T., Wienkoop, S., Steinfath, M., Hummel, J., Erban, A., Sulpice, R., Regierer, B., Kopka, J., Geigenberger, P. & Weckwerth, W. A rapid approach for phenotype-screening and database independent detection of cSNP/protein polymorphism using mass accuracy precursor alignment. Proteomics 8, 4214–4225 (2008).
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