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Tuvia, N.; Pivovarova-Ramich, O.; Murahovschi, V.; Lück, S.; Grudziecki, A.; Ost, A.-C.; Kruse, M.; Nikiforova, V.; Osterhoff, M.; Gottmann, P. et al.; GÖgebakan, {.; Sticht, C.; Gretz, N.; Schupp, M.; Schürmann, A.; Rudovich, N.; Pfeiffer, A. F.H.; Kramer, A.: Insulin directly regulates the circadian clock in adipose tissue. Diabetes 70 (6), S. 1985 - 1999 (2021)
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Hoefgen, R.; Nikiforova, V.; Freitag, J.; Kempa, S.; Riedel, K.; Hesse, H.: Transcript profiling of sulfur depletion in Arabidopsis thaliana. In: Sulfur transport and assimilation in plants, S. 229 - 230 (Hg. Davidian, J.-C.; Grill, D.; de Kok, L.J.; Stulen, I.; Hawkesford, M.J. et al.). Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, NED (2003)
Nikiforova, V.; Daub, C.; Freitag, J.; Kempa, S.; Riedel., K.; Hesse, H.; Hoefgen, R.: Cluster analysis of gene responses to sulfur depletion in Arabidopsis thaliana. In: Sulfur transport and assimilation in plants, S. 299 - 301 (Hg. Davidian, J.-C.; Grill, D.; de Kok, L.J.; Stulen, I.; Hawkesford, M.J. et al.). Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, NED (2003)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Hesse, H.; Nikiforova, V.; Gakiere, B.; Hoefgen, R.: Molecular analysis and control of cysteine biosynthesis: integration of nitrogen and sulphur metabolism. In: Journal of Experimental Botany, S. 1283 - 1292. Journal of Experimental Botany. (2004)

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Gorzka, G.; Nikiforova, V.: German-Russian Cooperation Network Biotechnology: The Project continues. In Bioforum Europe, 12 (9), S. 24 - 25. (2008)

Review Article (2)

Review Article
Carrari, F.; Baxter, C.; Usadel, B.; Urbanczyk-Wochniak, E.; Zanor, M. I.; Nunes-Nesi, A.; Nikiforova, V.; Centero, D.; Ratzka, A.; Pauly, M. et al.; Sweetlove, L. J.; Fernie, A. R.: Integrated analysis of metabolite and transcript levels reveals the metabolic shifts that underlie tomato fruit development and highlight regulatory aspects of metabolic network behavior. (2006)
Review Article
Nikiforova, V.; Kempa, S.; Zeh, M.; Maimann, S.; Kreft, O.; Casazza, A. P.; Riedel, K.; Tauberger, E.; Hoefgen, R.; Hesse, H.: Engineering of cysteine and methionine biosynthesis in potato. (2002)
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