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Review Article
Rubin, G., Tohge, T., Matsuda, F., Saito, K. & Scheible, W.-R. Members of the LBD Family of Transcription Factors Repress Anthocyanin Synthesis and Affect Additional Nitrogen Responses in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 21, 3567–3584 (2009).
Review Article
Nikiforova, V. J., Bielecka, M., Gakiere, B., Krueger, S., Rinder, J., Kempa, S., Morcuende, R., Scheible, W.-R., Hesse, H. & Hoefgen, R. Effect of sulfur availability on the integrity of amino acid biosynthesis in plants. Amino Acids 30, 173–183 (2006).
Review Article
Usadel, B., Nagel, A., Thimm, O., Redestig, H., Bläsing, O. E., Palacios-Rojas, N., Selbig, J., Hannemann, J., Piques, M. C., Steinhauser, D., Scheible, W.-R., Gibon, Y., Morcuende, R., Weicht, D., Meyer, S. & Stitt, M. Extension of the visualization tool MapMan to allow statistical analysis of arrays, display of coresponding genes, and comparison with known responses. Plant Physiology 138, 1195–1204 (2005).
Review Article
Scheible, W.-R. & Pauly, M. Glycosyltransferases and cell wall biosynthesis: novel players and insights. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 7, 285–295 (2004).
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