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Yadav, U. P., Yadav, U. P., Ivakov, A., Feil, R., Duan, G. Y., Walther, D., Giavalisco, P., Piques, M., Carillo , P., Hubberten, H. M., Stitt, M. & Lunn, J. E. The sucrose–trehalose 6-phosphate (Tre6P) nexus: specificity and mechanisms of sucrose signalling by Tre6P. Journal of Experimental Botany 65, 1051–1068 (2014).
Dall'Osto, L., Piques, M., Ronzani, M., Molesini, B., Alboresi, A., Cazzaniga, S. & Bassi, R. The Arabidopsis nox Mutant Lacking Carotene Hydroxylase Activity Reveals a Critical Role for Xanthophylls in Photosystem I Biogenesis. PLANT CELL 25, 591–608 (2013).
Martins, M. C. M., Hejazi, M., Fettke, J., Steup, M., Feil, R., Krause, U., Arrivault, S., Vosloh, D., Figueroa, C. M., Ivakov, A., Yadav, U. P., Piques, M., Metzner, D., Stitt, M. & Lunn, J. E. Feedback inhibition of starch degradation in Arabidopsis leaves mediated by trehalose 6-phosphate. Plant physiology 163, 1142–1163 (2013).
Pal, S. K., Liput, M., Piques, M., Ishihara, H., Obata, T., Martins, M. C., Sulpice, R., van Dongen, J. T., Fernie, A. R., Yadav, U. P., Lunn, J. E., Usadel, B. & Stitt, M. Diurnal changes of polysome loading track sucrose content in the rosette of wildtype Arabidopsis and the starchless pgm mutant. Plant Physiology 162, 1246–1265 (2013).
Pyl, E. T., Piques, M., Ivakov, A., Schulze, W., Ishihara, H., Stitt, M. & Sulpice, R. Metabolism and Growth in Arabidopsis Depend on the Daytime Temperature but Are Temperature-Compensated against Cool Nights. Plant Cell 24, 2443–2469 (2012).
Mueller, B., Pantin, F., Genard, M., Turc, O., Freixes, S., Piques, M. & Gibon, Y. Water deficits uncouple growth from photosynthesis, increase C content, and modify the relationships between C and growth in sink organs. Journal of Experimental Botany 62, 1715–1729 (2011).
Hummel, I., Pantin, F., Sulpice, R., Piques, M., Rolland, G., Dauzat, M., Christophe, A., Pervent, M., Bouteille, M., Stitt, M., Gibon, Y. & Muller, B. Arabidopsis Plants Acclimate to Water Deficit at Low Cost through Changes of Carbon Usage: An Integrated Perspective Using Growth, Metabolite, Enzyme, and Gene Expression Analysis. Plant Physiology 154, 357–372 (2010).
Piques, M., Schulze, W. X., Hoehne, M., Usadel, B., Gibon, Y., Rohwer, J. & Stitt, M. Ribosome and transcript copy numbers, polysome occupancy and enzyme dynamics in Arabidopsis. Molecular Systems Biology 5, 314 (2009).
Stitt, M., Gibon, Y., Lunn, J. E. & Piques, M. Multilevel genomics analysis of carbon signalling during low carbon availability: coordinating the supply and utilisation of carbon in a fluctuating environment. Functional Plant Biology 34, 526–549 (2007).
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