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Sedaghatmehr, M., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Kamranfar, I., Schulz, K., Mueller-Roeber, B., Sampathkumar, A. & Balazadeh, S. Autophagy complements metalloprotease FtsH6 in degrading plastid heat shock protein HSP21 during heat stress recovery. Journal of Experimental Botany 72, 7498–7513 (2021).
Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Wagner, M., Balazadeh, S. & Skirycz, A. Autophagy is responsible for the accumulation of proteogenic dipeptides in response to heat stress in Arabidopsis thaliana. The FEBS Journal 288, 281–292 (2021).
Devkar, V., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Xue, G.-P., Vallarino, J. G., Turečková, V., Strnad, M., Fernie, A. R., Hoefgen, R., Mueller-Roeber, B. & Balazadeh, S. Multifaceted regulatory function of tomato SlTAF1 in the response to salinity stress. New Phytologist 225, 1681–1698 (2020).
Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Gorka, M., Schulz, K., Masclaux-Daubresse, C., Sampathkumar, A., Skirycz, A., Vierstra, R. D. & Balazadeh, S. Selective autophagy regulates heat stress memory in Arabidopsis by NBR1-mediated targeting of HSP90 and ROF1. Autophagy 19, 2184–2199 (2020).
Sedaghatmehr, M., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Kamranfar, I., Marmagne, A., Masclaux-Daubresse, C. & Balazadeh, S. A regulatory role of autophagy for resetting the memory of heat stress in plants. Plant, Cell and Environment 42, 1054–1064 (2019).
Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Devkar, V., Mehterov, N., Ali, S., Ozgur, R., Turkan, I., Mueller-Roeber, B. & Balazadeh, S. NAC transcription factor JUNGBRUNNEN1 enhances drought tolerance in tomato. Plant Biotechnology Journal 16, 354–366 (2018).
Ebrahimian-Motlagh, S., Ribone, P. A., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Allu, A. D., Chan, R. L., Mueller-Roeber, B. & Balazadeh, S. JUNGBRUNNEN1 Confers Drought Tolerance Downstream of the HD-Zip I Transcription Factor AtHB13. Frontiers in Plant Science 8, (2017).
Lira, B. S., Gramegna, G., Trench, B. A., Alves, F. R. R., Silva, E. M., Silva, G. F. F., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Lupi, A. C. D., Demarco, D., Purgatto, E., Nogueira, F. T. S., Balazadeh, S., Freschi, L. & Rossi, M. Manipulation of a Senescence-Associated Gene Improves Fleshy Fruit Yield. Plant Physiology 175, 77–91 (2017).
Shahnejat-Bushehri, S., Allu, A. D., Mehterov, N., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Alseekh, S., Fernie, A. R., Mueller-Roeber, B. & Balazadeh, S. Arabidopsis NAC Transcription Factor JUNGBRUNNEN1 Exerts Conserved Control Over Gibberellin and Brassinosteroid Metabolism and Signaling Genes in Tomato. Frontiers in Plant Science 8, (2017).
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