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David, Z., Swart, C., Graf, A., Arrivault, S., Tillich, M., Proost, S., Nikoloski, Z., Stitt, M., Bock, R., Mühlhaus, M. & Boulouis, A. Topology of the redox network during induction of photosynthesis as revealed by time-resolved proteomics in tobacco. Science Advances 7, (2021).
Arrivault, S., Moraes, T. A., Obata, T., Medeiros, D. B., Fernie, A. R., Boulouis, A., Ludwig, M., Lunn, J. E., Borghi, G. L., Schlereth, A., Guenther, M. & Stitt, M. Metabolite profiles reveal interspecific variation in operation of the Calvin–Benson cycle in both C4 and C3 plants. Journal of Experimental Botany 70, 1843–1858 (2019).
Schöttler, M. A., Toth, S. Z., Boulouis, A. & Kahlau, S. Photosynthetic complex stoichiometry dynamics in higher plants: biogenesis, function, and turnover of ATP synthase and the cytochrome b(6)f complex. Journal of Experimental Botany 66, 2373–2400 (2015).
Pinhassi, R. I., Kallmann, D., Soper, G., Larom, S., Linkov, A., Boulouis, A., Schöttler, M. A., Bock, R., Rothschild, A., Adir, N. & Schuster, G. Photosynthetic Membranes of Synechocystis or Plants Convert Sunlight to Photocurrent through Different Pathways due to Different Architectures. PLoS One 10, (2015).
Idoine, A., Boulouis, A., Rupprecht, J. & Bock, R. The Diurnal Logic of the Expression of the Chloroplast Genome in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. PLoS One 9, (2014).
Wei, L., Derrien, B., Gautier, A., Houille-Vernes, L., Boulouis, A., Saint-Marcoux, D., Malnoe, A., Rappaport, F., de Vitry, C., Vallon, O., Choquet, Y. & Wollman, F. A. Nitric Oxide-Triggered Remodeling of Chloroplast Bioenergetics and Thylakoid Proteins upon Nitrogen Starvation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plant Cell 26, 353–372 (2014).
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