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Chen, B.; Maas, L.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Zhong, Y.; Reis, R.; Li, M.; Horstman, A.; Riksen, T.; Weemen, M.; Liu, H. et al.; Siemons, C.; Chen, S.; Angenent, G. C.; Boutilier, K.: BABY BOOM regulates early embryo and endosperm development. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119 (25), e2201761119 (2022)
Batista, R. A.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Santos-Gonzalez, J.; Köhler, C.: Auxin regulates endosperm cellularization in Arabidopsis. Genes and Development 33 (7-8), S. 466 - 476 (2019)
Batista, R. A.; Moreno-Romero, J.; Qiu, Y.; van Boven, J.; Santos-Gonzalez, J.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Köhler, C.: The MADS-box transcription factor PHERES1 controls imprinting in the endosperm by binding to domesticated transposons. eLife 8, e50541 (2019)
Chander, S.; Almeida, D. M.; Serra, T. S.; Jardim-Messeder, D.; Barros, P. M.; Lourenço, T. F.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Margis-Pinheiro, M.; Costa, J. M.; Oliveira, M. M. et al.; Saibo, N. J.M.: OsICE1 transcription factor improves photosynthetic performance and reduces grain losses in rice plants subjected to drought. Environmental and Experimental Botany 150, S. 88 - 98 (2018)
Cordeiro, A. M.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Tepperman, J.; Borba, A. R.; Lourenço, T.; Abreu, I. A.; Ouwerkerk, P. B.F.; Quail, P. H.; Margarida Oliveira, M.; Saibo, N. J.M.: Rice phytochrome-interacting factor protein OsPIF14 represses OsDREB1B gene expression through an extended N-box and interacts preferentially with the active form of phytochrome B. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: BBA 1859 (2), S. 393 - 404 (2016)
Derkacheva, M.; Liu, S.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Gentry, M.; Mozgova, I.; Nanni, P.; Tang, M.; Mannervik, M.; Köhler, C.; Hennig, L.: H2A deubiquitinases UBP12/13 are part of the Arabidopsis polycomb group protein system. Nature Plants 2 (9), 16126 (2016)
Figueiredo, D.D.; Batista, R. A.; Roszakt, P. J.; Hennig, L.; Köhler, C.: Auxin production in the endosperm drives seed coat development in Arabidopsis. eLife 5, e20542 (2016)
Mahrez, W.; Shin, J.; Munoz-Viana, R.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Trejo-Arellano, M. S.; Exner, V.; Siretskiy, A.; Gruissem, W.; Köhler, C.; Hennig, L.: BRR2a Affects Flowering Time via FLC Splicing. PLoS Genetics 12 (4), e1005924 (2016)
Figueiredo, D.D.; Batista, R. A.; Roszak, P. J.; Köhler, C.: Auxin production couples endosperm development to fertilization. Nature Plants 1 (12), 15184 (2015)
Lourenço, T.; Sapeta, H.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Rodrigues, M.; Cordeiro, A.; Abreu, I. A.; Saibo, N. J. M.; Oliveira, M. M.: Isolation and characterization of rice (Oryza sativa L.) E3-ubiquitin ligase OsHOS1 gene in the modulation of cold stress response. Plant Molecular Biology 83 (4), S. 351 - 363 (2013)
Serra, T. S.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Cordeiro, A. M.; Almeida, D. M.; Lourenço, T.; Abreu, I. A.; Sebastián, A.; Fernandes, L.; Contreras-Moreira, B.; Oliveira, M. M. et al.; Saibo, N. J. M.: OsRMC, a negative regulator of salt stress response in rice, is regulated by two AP2/ERF transcription factors. Plant Molecular Biology 82 (4), S. 439 - 455 (2013)
Figueiredo, D.D.; Barros, P. M.; Cordeiro, A. M.; Serra, T. S.; Lourenço, T.; Chander, S.; Oliveira, M. M.; Saibo, N. J. M.: Seven zinc-finger transcription factors are novel regulators of the stress responsive gene OsDREB1B. Journal of Experimental Botany 63 (10), S. 3643 - 3656 (2012)

Editorial (1)

Brownfield, L. R.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Borg, M.; Schmidt, A.: Plant Development and Reproduction at Single Cell and Cell Typespecific Resolution. Frontiers in Plant Science 14, 1261685 (2023)

Review Article (4)

Review Article
Figueiredo, D.D.; Köhler, C.: Auxin: a molecular trigger of seed development. (2018)
Review Article
Figueiredo, D.D.; Köhler, C.: Bridging the generation gap: communication between maternal sporophyte, female gametophyte and fertilization products. (2016)
Review Article
Figueiredo, D.D.; Köhler, C.: Signalling events regulating seed coat development. (2014)
Review Article
Santos, A. P.; Serra, T.; Figueiredo, D.D.; Barros, P.; Lourenço, T.; Chander, S.; Oliveira, M. M.; Saibo, N. J.M.: Transcription Regulation of Abiotic Stress Responses in Rice: A Combined Action of Transcription Factors and Epigenetic Mechanisms. (2011)
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