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Bar-Even, A.; Shenhav, B.; Kafri, R.; Lancet, D.: The lipid world: From catalytic and informational headgroups to micelle replication and evolution without nucleic acids. In: Life in the Universe: From the Miller Experiment to the Search for Life on Other Worlds, S. 111 - 114 (2004)

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Meeting Abstract
Lancet, D.; Benjamin-Rodrig, H.; Shmoish, M.; Chalifa-Caspi, V.; Shklar, M.; Ophir, R.; Bar-Even, A.; Horn-Saban, S.; Safran, M.; Domany, E. et al.; Yanai, I.; Shmueli, O.: Whole genome expression patterns: the importance of being suppressed. In Journal of Neurochemistry, 90, S. 130 - 130. 35th Annual Meeting of the Transactions-of-the-American-Society-for-Neurochemistry, New York, NY, 14. August 2004 - 18. August 2004. Raven Press [etc.], New York (2004)
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