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Hesse, H. & Hoefgen, R. On the way to understand biological complexity in plants: S-nutrition as a case study for systems biology. Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 11, 37–55 (2006).
Nikiforova, V. J., Bielecka, M., Gakiere, B., Krueger, S., Rinder, J., Kempa, S., Morcuende, R., Scheible, W.-R., Hesse, H. & Hoefgen, R. Effect of sulfur availability on the integrity of amino acid biosynthesis in plants. Amino Acids 30, 173–183 (2006).

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Hawkesford, M., Hoefgen, R., Galili, G., Amir, R., Angenon, G., Hesse, H., Rentsch, D., Schaller, J., van der Meer, I., Rouster, J., Banfalvi, Z., Zsolt, P., Szabados, L., Szopa, J. & Sirko, A. in Plant Genetic Engineering: Improving the Nutritional & Therapeutic Qualities of Plants (Hrsg. Jaiwal, P. K.) 85–116 (Studium Press LLC, 2006). auf <>
Hesse, H. & Hoefgen, R. in European Training and Network Activity. Plant Genomics and Bioinformatics, Expression Microarrays and beyond - a course book (Hrsg. Freitag, J.) 103–117 (Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, 2006). auf <>
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