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Ferrari, C.; Shivhare, D.; Hansen, B. O.; Pasha, A.; Esteban, E.; Provart, N. J.; Kragler, F.; Fernie, A. R.; Tohge, T.; Mutwil, M.: Expression Atlas of Selaginella moellendorffii Provides Insights into the Evolution of Vasculature, Secondary Metabolism, and Roots. The Plant Cell 32 (4), S. 853 - 870 (2020)
Guo, X.; Hansen, B. O.; Moeller, S.R.; Harholt, J.; Mravec, J.; Willats, W.; Petersen, B.L.; Ulvskov, P.: Extensin arabinoside chain length is modulated in elongating cotton fibre. Cell Surface 5, 100033 (2019)
Hansen, B. O.; Meyer, E. H.; Ferrari, C.; Vaid, N.; Movahedi, S.; Vandepoele, K.; Nikoloski, Z.; Mutwil, M.: Ensemble gene function prediction database reveals genes important for complex I formation in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 217 (4), S. 1521 - 1534 (2018)
Sibout, R.; Proost, S.; Hansen, B. O.; Vaid, N.; Giorgi, F. M.; Ho-Yue-Kuang, S.; Legee, F.; Cezart, L.; Bouchabke-Coussa, O.; Soulhat, C. et al.; Provart, N.; Pasha, A.; Le Bris, P.; Roujol, D.; Hofte, H.; Jamet, E.; Lapierre, C.; Persson, S.; Mutwil, M.: Expression atlas and comparative coexpression network analyses reveal important genes involved in the formation of lignified cell wall in Brachypodium distachyon. New Phytologist 215 (3), S. 1009 - 1025 (2017)

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Review Article
Hansen, B. O.; Vaid, N.; Musialak-Lange, M.; Janowski, M.; Mutwil, M.: Elucidating gene function and function evolution through comparison of co-expression networks of plants. (2014)
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