Publikationen von Sagar Sudam Jadhav

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Zhu, F.; Sun, Y.; Jadhav, S. S.; Cheng, Y.; Alseekh, S.; Fernie, A. R.: The Plant Metabolic Changes and the Physiological and Signaling Functions in the Responses to Abiotic Stress. Methods in Molecular Biology 2642, S. 129 - 150 (2023)
Zhu, F.; Jadhav, S. S.; Tohge, T.; Salem, M. A.; Li, J. M.; Giovannoni, J. J.; Cheng, Y.; Alseekh, S.; Fernie, A. R.: A comparative transcriptomics and eQTL approach identifies SlWD40 as a tomato fruit ripening regulator. Plant Physiology 190 (1), S. 250 - 266 (2022)
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