Publikationen von A. Apodiakou

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Rakpenthai, A.; Apodiakou, A.; Whitcomb, S. J.; Hoefgen, R.: In silico analysis of cis-elements and identification of transcription factors putatively involved in the regulation of the OAS cluster genes SDI1 and SDI2. The Plant Journal 110 (5), S. 1286 - 1304 (2022)
Chorianopoulou, S. N.; Sigalas, P. P.; Tsoutsoura, N.; Apodiakou, A.; Saridis, G.; Ventouris, Y. E.; Bouranis, D. L.: Regulation of Sulfur Homeostasis in Mycorrhizal Maize Plants Grown in a Fe-Limited Environment. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (9), 3249 (2020)
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