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Ensminger, I.; Schmidt, L.; Lloyd, J.: Soil temperature and intermittent frost modulate the rate of recovery of photosynthesis in Scots pine under simulated spring conditions. New Phytologist 177 (2), S. 428 - 442 (2008)
Sveshnikov, D.; Ensminger, I.; Ivanov, A. G.; Campbell, D.; Lloyd, J.; Funk, C.; Huner, N. P. A.; Oquist, G.: Excitation energy partitioning and quenching during cold acclimation in Scots pine. Tree Physiology 26 (3), S. 325 - 336 (2006)
Yu, T. S.; Kofler, H.; Hausler, R. E.; Hille, D.; Flugge, U. I.; Zeeman, S. C.; Smith, A. M.; Kossmann, J.; Lloyd, J.; Ritte, G. et al.; Steup, M.; Lue, W. L.; Chen, J. C.; Weber, A.: The Arabidopsis sex1 mutant is defective in the R1 protein, a general regulator of starch degradation in plants, and not in the chloroplast hexose transporter. Plant Cell 13 (8), S. 1907 - 1918 (2001)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Kossmann, J.; Lloyd, J.; Riesmeier, J.; Willmitzer, L.: Engineering carbohydrate metabolism in transgenic plants. In: Plant Biotechnology and in Vitro Biology in the 21st Century, S. 579 - 582. Plant Biotechnology and in Vitro Biology in the 21st Century. (1999)

Review Article (1)

Review Article
Kossmann, J.; Lloyd, J.: Understanding and influencing starch biochemistry. (2000)
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