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Gabriel-Neumann, E.; Neumann, G.; Leggewie, G.; George, E.: Constitutive overexpression of the sucrose transporter SoSUT1 in potato plants increases arbuscular mycorrhiza fungal root colonization under high, but not under low, soil phosphorus availability. Journal of Plant Physiology 168 (9), S. 911 - 919 (2011)
Gordon-Weeks, R.; Tong, Y. P.; Davies, T. G. E.; Leggewie, G.: Restricted spatial expression of a high-affinity phosphate transporter in potato roots. Journal of Cell Science 116 (15), S. 3135 - 3144 (2003)
Leggewie, G.; Kolbe, A.; Lemoine, R.; Roessner, U.; Lytovchenko, A.; Zuther, E.; Kehr, J.; Frommer, W. B.; Riesmeier, J. W.; Willmitzer, L. et al.; Fernie, A. R.: Overexpression of the sucrose transporter SoSUT1 in potato results in alterations in leaf carbon partitioning and in tuber metabolism but has little impact on tuber morphology. Planta 217 (1), S. 158 - 167 (2003)
Li, D. P.; Zhu, H. F.; Liu, K. F.; Liu, X.; Leggewie, G.; Udvardi, M. K.; Wang, D. W.: Purple acid Phosphatases of Arabidopsis thaliana - Comparative analysis and differential regulation by phosphate deprivation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (31), S. 27772 - 27781 (2002)
Zeh, M.; Leggewie, G.; Hoefgen, R.; Hesse, H.: Cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding a cobalamin-independent methionine synthase from potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Plant Molecular Biology 48 (3), S. 255 - 265 (2002)
Rausch, C.; Daram, P.; Brunner, S.; Jansa, J.; Laloi, M.; Leggewie, G.; Amrhein, N.; Bucher, M.: A phosphate transporter expressed in arbuscule-containing cells in potato. Nature 414 (6862), S. 462 - 466 (2001)
Leggewie, G.; Willmitzer, L.; Riesmeier, J. W.: Two cDNAs from potato are able to complement a phosphate uptake-deficient yeast mutant: Identification of phosphate transporters from higher plants. Plant Cell 9 (3), S. 381 - 392 (1997)

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Riesmeier, J. W.; Rink, U.; Laloi, M.; Leggewie, G.; Kwart, M.; Tretheway, R.; Kossmann, J.; Willmitzer, L.: The physiological role and regulation of photoassimilate and nutrient transport across biomembranes with special emphasis on transgenic potato plants. In: Regulation and Manipulation of Starch and Sucrose Metabolism in Plants, S. 71 - 74 (Hg. Nakamura, Y.) (1996)

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Meeting Abstract
Riesmeier, J. W.; Leggewie, G.; Hirner, B.; Willmitzer, L.; Frommer, W. B.: Role and Function of Sucrose Transporters from Higher-Plants. In Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, S. 120 - 120. (1994)
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