Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

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    Skeffington, A. W.; Grimm, A.; Schönefeld, S.; Petersen, K.; Scheffel, A.: An efficient method for the plating of haploid and diploid Emiliania huxleyi on solid medium. Journal of Phycology (2019)
  2. 2.
    Skeffington, A. W.; Scheffel, A.: Exploiting algal mineralization for nanotechnology: bringing coccoliths to the fore. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 49 (Supplement C), S. 57 - 63 (2018)

Meeting Abstract (2)

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    Meeting Abstract
    Skeffington, A. W.; Fischer, A.; Gorka, M.; Graf, A.; Scheffel, A.: IDENTIFYING PROTEINS IMPORTANT FOR COCCOLITH FORMATION IN EMILIANIA HUXLEYI. In Phycologia, 56 (4 - Supplement), S. 173 - 174. International Phycological Society, Odense (2017)
  2. 4.
    Meeting Abstract
    Skeffington, A. W.; Scheffel, A.: THE DEVELOPMENT OF GENETIC TOOLS FOR COCCOLITHOPHORES. In European Journal of Phycology, 50, S. 95 - 95. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [England] (2015)
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