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Tiessen, A.; Nerlich, A.; Faix, B.; Hummer, C.; Fox, S.; Trafford, K.; Weber, H.; Weschke, W.; Geigenberger, P.: Subcellular analysis of starch metabolism in developing barley seeds using a non-aqueous fractionation method. Journal of Experimental Botany 63 (5), S. 2071 - 2087 (2012)
Witt, S.; Galicia, L.; Lisec, J.; Cairns, J.; Tiessen, A.; Araus, J. L.; Palacios-Rojas, N.; Fernie, A. R.: Metabolic and Phenotypic Responses of Greenhouse-Grown Maize Hybrids to Experimentally Controlled Drought Stress. Molecular Plant 5 (2), S. 401 - 417 (2012)
Oliver, S. N.; Tiessen, A.; Fernie, A. R.; Geigenberger, P.: Decreased expression of plastidial adenylate kinase in potato tubers results in an enhanced rate of respiration and a stimulation of starch synthesis that is attributable to post-translational redox-activation of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase. Journal of Experimental Botany 59 (2), S. 315 - 325 (2008)
McKibbin, R. S.; Muttucumaru, N.; Paul, M. J.; Powers, S. J.; Burrell, M. M.; Coates, S.; Purcell, P. C.; Tiessen, A.; Geigenberger, P.; Halford, N. G.: Production of high-starch, low-glucose potatoes through over-expression of the metabolic regulator SnRK1. Plant Biotechnology Journal 4 (4), S. 409 - 418 (2006)
Fettke, J.; Eckermann, N.; Tiessen, A.; Geigenberger, P.; Steup, M.: Identification, subcellular localization and biochemical characterization of water-soluble heteroglycans (SHG) in leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana L.: distinct SHG reside in the cytosol and in the apoplast. Plant Journal 43 (4), S. 568 - 585 (2005)
Fettke, J.; Poeste, S.; Eckermann, N.; Tiessen, A.; Pauly, M.; Geigenberger, P.; Steup, M.: Analysis of cytosolic heteroglycans from leaves of transgenic potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plants that under- or overexpress the Pho 2 phosphorylase isozyme. Plant and Cell Physiology 46 (12), S. 1987 - 2004 (2005)
Koetting, O.; Pusch, K.; Tiessen, A.; Geigenberger, P.; Steup, M.; Ritte, G.: Identification of a novel enzyme required for starch metabolism in Arabidopsis leaves. The phosphoglucan, water dikinase. Plant Physiology 137 (1), S. 242 - 252 (2005)
Kolbe, A.; Tiessen, A.; Schluepmann, H.; Paul, M.; Ulrich, S.; Geigenberger, P.: Trehalose 6-phosphate regulates starch synthesis via posttranslational redox activation of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102 (31), S. 11118 - 11123 (2005)
Junker, B. H.; Wuttke, R.; Tiessen, A.; Geigenberger, P.; Sonnewald, U.; Willmitzer, L.; Fernie, A. R.: Temporally regulated expression of a yeast invertase in potato tubers allows dissection of the complex metabolic phenotype obtained following its constitutive expression. Plant Molecular Biology 56 (1), S. 91 - 110 (2004)
Tiessen, A.; Prescha, K.; Branscheid, A.; Palacios, N.; McKibbin, R.; Halford, N. G.; Geigenberger, P.: Evidence that SNF1-related kinase and hexokinase are involved in separate sugar-signalling pathways modulating post-translational redox activation of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in potato tubers. Plant Journal 35 (4), S. 490 - 500 (2003)
Fernie, A. R.; Tiessen, A.; Stitt, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Geigenberger, P.: Altered metabolic fluxes result from shifts in metabolite levels in sucrose phosphorylase-expressing potato tubers. Plant Cell and Environment 25 (10), S. 1219 - 1232 (2002)
Gibon, Y.; Vigeolas, H.; Tiessen, A.; Geigenberger, P.; Stitt, M.: Sensitive and high throughput metabolite assays for inorganic pyrophosphate, ADPGlc, nucleotide phosphates, and glycolytic intermediates based on a novel enzymic cycling system. Plant Journal 30 (2), S. 221 - 235 (2002)
Tiessen, A.; Hendriks, J. H. M.; Stitt, M.; Branscheid, A.; Gibon, Y.; Farre, E. M.; Geigenberger, P.: Starch synthesis in potato tubers is regulated by post-translational redox modification of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase: A novel regulatory mechanism linking starch synthesis to the sucrose supply. Plant Cell 14 (9), S. 2191 - 2213 (2002)
Farre, E. M.; Tiessen, A.; Roessner, U.; Geigenberger, P.; Trethewey, R. N.; Willmitzer, L.: Analysis of the compartmentation of glycolytic intermediates, nucleotides, sugars, organic acids, amino acids, and sugar alcohols in potato tubers using a nonaqueous fractionation method. Plant Physiology 127 (2), S. 685 - 700 (2001)

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Tiessen, A.; Lunn, J. E.; Geigenberger, P.: Carbohydrate metabolism under water limited conditions. In: Drought Tolerance In Cereals, S. 449 - 503 (Hg. Ribaut, J. I. M.). The Haworth Press, Inc., Binghampton, NY, USA (2006)

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Geigenberger, P.; Kolbe, A.; Tiessen, A.: Redox regulation of carbon storage and partitioning in response to light and sugars. (2005)
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