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Rosa-Téllez, S.; Alcántara-Enguídanos, A.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Casatejada-Anchel, R.; Saeheng, S.; Bailes, C. L.; Erban, A.; Medeiros, D.B.; Alepúz, P.; Matus, J. T. et al.; Kopka, J.; Muñoz-Bertomeu, J.; Krueger, S.; Roje, S.; Fernie, A. R.; Ros, R.: The serine-glycine-one carbon metabolic network orchestrates changes in nitrogen and sulfur metabolism and shapes plant development. The Plant Cell, koad256 (2023)
Siodmak, A.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Rayapuram, N.; Bazin, J.; Alhoraibi, H.; Gentry-Torfer, D.; Tabassum, N.; Sheikh, A. H.; Kise, J.; Blilou, I. et al.; Crespi, M.; Kopka, J.; Hirt, H.: Dynamics of ribosome composition and ribosomal protein phosphorylation in immune signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nucleic Acids Research 51 (21), S. 11876 - 11892 (2023)
Figueroa, N. E.; Franz, P.; Luzarowski, M.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Moreno, J.C.; Childs, D.; Ziemblicka, A.; Sampathkumar, A.; Andersen, T. G.; Tsiavaliaris, G. et al.; Kosmacz, M.; Skirycz, A.: Protein interactome of 3’,5’-cyclic adenosine monophosphate reveals its role in regulating the actin cytoskeleton. The Plant Journal 115 (5), S. 1214 - 1230 (2023)
Awada, R.; Lepelley, M.; Breton, D.; Charpagne, A.; Campa, C.; Berry, V.; Georget, F.; Breitler, J.-C.; Léran, S.; Djerrab, D. et al.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Descombes, P.; Crouzillat, D.; Bertrand, B.; Etienne, H.: Global transcriptome profiling reveals differential regulatory, metabolic and hormonal networks during somatic embryogenesis in Coffea arabica. BMC Genomics 24, 41 (2023)
Brigante, F. I.; Lucini Mas, A.; Erban, A.; Fehrle, I.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Kopka, J.; Wunderlin, D. A.; Baroni, M. V.: Authenticity assessment of commercial bakery products with chia, flax and sesame seeds: Application of targeted and untargeted metabolomics results from seeds and lab-scale cookies. Food control 140, 109114 (2022)
Cheong, B. E.; Yu, D.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Ho, W. W. H.; Rupasinghe, T. W. T.; Dolferus, R.; Roessner, U.: The Effect of Cold Stress on the Root-Specific Lipidome of Two Wheat Varieties with Contrasting Cold Tolerance. Plants 11 (10), 1364 (2022)
Martinez-Seidel, F.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; Walther, D.; Kopka, J.; Firmino, A.: COSNet(i): ComplexOme-Structural Network Interpreter used to study spatial enrichment in metazoan ribosomes. BMC Bioinformatics 22, 605 (2021)
Cheong, B.E.; Beine-Golovchuk, O.; Gorka, M.; Ho, W.W.H.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Firmino, A.; Skirycz, A.; Roessner, U.; Kopka, J.: Arabidopsis REI-LIKE proteins activate ribosome biogenesis during cold acclimation. Scientific Reports 11 (1), 2410 (2021)
Londoño-Giraldo, L.M.; Baena-Pedroza, A.M.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Corpas-Iguar, E.; Taborda-Ocampo, G.: Gone wild: Integration of antioxidative, physicochemical, volatilomic and sensorial profiles ratify rustic relatives of cherry tomato as ideal mating partners. Scientia Horticulturae 277, 109814 (2021)
Martinez-Seidel, F.; Beine-Golovchuk, O.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; El Eshraky, K.; Gorka, M.; Cheong, B.-E.; Jimenez‐posada, E.V.; Walther, D.; Skirycz, A.; Roessner, U. et al.; Kopka, J.; Firmino, A.: Spatially enriched paralog rearrangements argue functionally diverse ribosomes arise during cold acclimation in arabidopsis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (11), 6160 (2021)
Martinez-Seidel, F.; Suwanchaikasem, P.; Nie, S.; Leeming, M.G.; Firmino, A.; Williamson, N.A.; Kopka, J.; Roessner, U.; Boughton, B.A.: Membrane-Enriched Proteomics Link Ribosome Accumulation and Proteome Reprogramming With Cold Acclimation in Barley Root Meristems. Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 656683 (2021)
Melo, T.O.; Franciscon, L.; Brown, G.; Kopka, J.; Cunha, L.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Madureira, L.A.D.S.; Hansel, F.A.: Univariate statistical analysis of gas chromatography – mass spectrometry fingerprints analyses. Chemical Data Collections 33, 100719 (2021)
Schillaci, M.; Kehelpannala, C.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Smith, P. M. C.; Arsova, B.; Watt, M.; Roessner, U.: The Metabolic Response of Brachypodium Roots to the Interaction with Beneficial Bacteria Is Affected by the Plant Nutritional Status. Metabolites 11 (6), 358 (2021)
Firmino, A.; Gorka, M.; Graf, A.; Skirycz, A.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Zander, K.; Kopka, J.; Beine-Golovchuk, O.: Separation and paired proteome profiling of plant chloroplast and cytoplasmic ribosomes. Plants 9 (7), 892 (2020)
Martinez-Seidel, F.; Beine-Golovchuk, O.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; Kopka, J.: Systematic review of plant ribosome heterogeneity and specialization. Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 948 (2020)
Awada, R.; Campa, C.; Gibault, E.; Dechamp, E.; Georget, F.; Lepelley, M.; Abdallah, C.; Erban, A.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Kopka, J. et al.; Legendre, L.; Leran, S.; Conejero, G.; Verdeil, J.-L.; Crouzillat, D.; Breton, D.; Bertrand, B.; Etienne, H.: Unravelling the Metabolic and Hormonal Machinery During Key Steps of Somatic Embryogenesis: A Case Study in Coffee. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (19), 4665 (2019)
Erban, A.; Fehrle, I.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Brigante, F.; Más, A. L.; Baroni, V.; Wunderlin, D.; Kopka, J.: Discovery of food identity markers by metabolomics and machine learning technology. Scientific Reports 9 (1), 9697 (2019)

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Erban, A.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Rajarathinam, Y.; Dethloff, F.; Orf, I.; Fehrle, I.; Alpers, J.; Beine-Golovchuk, O.; Kopka, J.: Multiplexed Profiling and Data Processing Methods to Identify Temperature-Regulated Primary Metabolites Using Gas Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry. In: Plant Cold Acclimation: Methods in molecular biology, Bd. 2156, S. 203 - 239 (Hg. Hincha, D. K.; Zuther, E.) (2020)
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