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Wandrey, M.; Trevaskis, B.; Brewin, N.; Udvardi, M. K.: Molecular and cell biology of a family of voltage-dependent anion channel porins in Lotus japonicus. Plant Physiology 134 (1), S. 182 - 193 (2004)
Colebatch, G.; Kloska, S.; Trevaskis, B.; Freund, S.; Altmann, T.; Udvardi, M. K.: Novel aspects of symbiotic nitrogen fixation uncovered by transcript profiling with cDNA arrays. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 15 (5), S. 411 - 420 (2002)
Moreau, S.; Thomson, R. M.; Kaiser, B. N.; Trevaskis, B.; Guerinot, M. L.; Udvardi, M. K.; Puppo, A.; Day, D. A.: GmZIP1 encodes a symbiosis-specific zinc transporter in soybean. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (7), S. 4738 - 4746 (2002)
Trevaskis, B.; Wandrey, M.; Colebatch, G.; Udvardi, M. K.: The soybean GmN6L gene encodes a late nodulin expressed in the infected zone of nitrogen-fixing nodules. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 15 (7), S. 630 - 636 (2002)
Shelden, M. C.; Dong, B.; de Bruxelles, G. L.; Trevaskis, B.; Whelan, J.; Ryan, P. R.; Howitt, S. M.; Udvardi, M. K.: Arabidopsis ammonium transporters, AtAMT1;1 and AtAMT1;2, have different biochemical properties and functional roles. Plant and Soil 231 (1), S. 151 - 160 (2001)
Panter, S.; Thomson, R. M.; de Bruxelles, G.; Laver, D.; Trevaskis, B.; Udvardi, M. K.: Identification with proteomics of novel proteins associated with the peribacteroid membrane of soybean root nodules. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 13 (3), S. 325 - 333 (2000)

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Udvardi, M. K.; Altmann, T.; Essigmann, B.; Colebatch, G.; Kloska, S.; Smith, P.; Trevaskis, B.: Lotus japonicus functional genomics: cDNA microarray analysis uncovers novel nodulins. In: Nitrogen fixation: Global perspectives, S. 109 - 112 (Hg. Finan, T. M.; O'Brian, M. R.; Layzell, D. B.; Vessey, J. K.; Newton, W.). CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK (2002)

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Review Article
Colebatch, G.; Trevaskis, B.; Udvardi, M. K.: Symbiotic nitrogen fixation research in the postgenomics era. (2002)
Review Article
Colebatch, G.; Trevaskis, B.; Udvardi, M. K.: Functional genomics: tools of the trade. (2002)
Review Article
Trevaskis, B.; Colebatch, G.; Desbrosses, G.; Wandrey, M.; Wienkoop, S.; Saalbach, G.; Udvardi, M. K.: Differentiation of plant cells during symbiotic nitrogen fixation. (2002)
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