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Collas, F.; Dronsella, B.; Kubis, A.; Schann, K.; Binder, S.; Arto, N.; Claassens, N.J.; Kensy, F.; Orsi, E.: Engineering the biological conversion of formate into crotonate in Cupriavidus necator. Metabolic Engineering 79, S. 49 - 65 (2023)
Turlin, J.; Dronsella, B.; de Maria, A.; Lindner, S. N.; Nikel, P. I.: Integrated rational and evolutionary engineering of genome-reduced Pseudomonas putida strains promotes synthetic formate assimilation. Metabolic Engineering 74, S. 191 - 205 (2022)
Iacometti, C.; Marx, K.; Hönick, M.; Biletskaia, V.; Schulz-Mirbach, H.; Dronsella, B.; Satanowski, A.; Delmas, V.A.; Berger, A.; Dubois, I. et al.; Bouzon, M.; Döring, V.; Noor, E.; Bar-Even, A.; Lindner, S. N.: Activating Silent Glycolysis Bypasses in Escherichia coli. BioDesign Research 2022, 9859643 (2022)
Cotton, C. A. R.; Bernhardsgrütter, I.; He, H.; Burgener, S.; Schulz, L.; Paczia, N.; Dronsella, B.; Erban, A.; Toman, S.; Dempfle, M. et al.; de Maria, A.; Kopka, J.; Lindner, S. N.; Erb, T. J.; Bar-Even, A.: Underground isoleucine biosynthesis pathways in E. coli. eLife 9, e54207 (2020)
Satanowski, A.; Dronsella, B.; Noor, E.; Vögeli, B.; He, H.; Wichmann, P.; Erb, T.J.; Lindner, S. N.; Bar-Even, A.: Awakening a latent carbon fixation cycle in Escherichia coli. Nature Communications 11 (1), 5812 (2020)

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Claassens, N. J.; Satanowski, A.; Bysani, V.R.; Dronsella, B.; Orsi, E.; Rainaldi, V.; Yilmaz, S.; Wenk, S.; Lindner, S. N.: Engineering the Reductive Glycine Pathway: A Promising Synthetic Metabolism Approach for C1-Assimilation. In: Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology (Hg. Scheper, T.; Ulber, R.). Springer, Cham (2022)
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