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Meeting Abstract (2)

Meeting Abstract
Hincha, D. K., Schulz, E., Thalhammer, A., Tohge, T., Sulpice, R., Fernie, A. R. & Zuther, E. The Role of Secondary Metabolites and COR Proteins in Plant Freezing Tolerance. in In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal 50, S13–S13 (Tissue Culture Association, 2014).
Meeting Abstract
Meyer, R. C., Lisec, J., Sulpice, R., Steinfath, M., Gaertner, T., Becher, M., Witucka-Wall, H., von Korff, M., Gunther, T., Childs, L., Scharr, H., Walter, A., Torjek, O., Fiehn, O., Schurr, U., Schmid, K., Walther, D., Gibon, Y., Selbig, J., Stitt, M., Willmitzer, L. & Altmann, T. Analysis of Arabidopsis natural variation in biomass accumulation and metabolism. in New Biotechnology 25, S307–S307 (2009).

Editorial (1)

Stitt, M., Sulpice, R. & Keurentjes, J. Metabolic Networks: How to Identify Key Components in the Regulation of Metabolism and Growth. Plant Physiology 152, 428–444 (2010).
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