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Antonio, C., Päpke, C., Rocha, M., Diab, H., Limami, A. M., Obata, T., Fernie, A. R. & van Dongen, J. Regulation of Primary Metabolism in Response to Low Oxygen Availability as Revealed by Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Redistribution. Plant Physiology 170, 43–56 (2016).
Geisler, D. A., Päpke, C., Obata, T., Nunes-Nesi, A., Matthes, A., Schneitz, K., Maximova, E., Araujo, W. L., Fernie, A. R. & Persson, S. Downregulation of the delta-Subunit Reduces Mitochondrial ATP Synthase Levels, Alters Respiration, and Restricts Growth and Gametophyte Development in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 24, 2792–2811 (2012).

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Päpke, C., Ramirez-Aguilar, S. J. & Antonio, C. in Low-Oxygen Stress in Plants: Oxygen Sensing and Adaptive Responses to Hypoxia 185–208 (SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, HEIDELBERGER PLATZ 3, D-14197 BERLIN, GERMANY, 2014). doi:10.1007/978-3-7091-1254-0_10
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