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Centeno, D. C., Osorio, S., Nunes-Nesi, A., Bertolo, A. L. F., Carneiro, R. T., Araujo, W. L., Steinhauser, M.-C., Michalska, J., Rohrmann, J., Geigenberger, P., Oliver, S. N., Stitt, M., Carrari, F., Rose, J. K. C. & Fernie, A. R. Malate Plays a Crucial Role in Starch Metabolism, Ripening, and Soluble Solid Content of Tomato Fruit and Affects Postharvest Softening. The Plant Cell 23, 162–184 (2011).
Michalska, J., Zauber, H., Buchanan, B. B., Cejudo, F. J. & Geigenberger, P. NTRC links built-in thioredoxin to light and sucrose in regulating starch synthesis in chloroplasts and amyloplasts. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106, 9908–9913 (2009).
Chincinska, I. A., Liesche, J., Krugel, U., Michalska, J., Geigenberger, P., Grimm, B. & Kuhn, C. Sucrose transporter StSUT4 from potato affects flowering, tuberization, and shade avoidance response. Plant Physiology 146, 515–528 (2008).
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