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Poorter, H., Fiorani, F., Stitt, M., Schurr, U., Finck, A., Gibon, Y., Usadel, B., Munns, R., Atkin, O. K., Tardieu, F. & Pons, T. L. The art of growing plants for experimental purposes: a practical guide for the plant biologist Review. Functional Plant Biology 39, 821–838 (2012).
Hannemann, J., Poorter, H., Usadel, B., Blaesing, O. E., Finck, A., Tardieu, F., Atkin, O. K., Pons, T., Stitt, M. & Gibon, Y. Xeml Lab: a tool that supports the design of experiments at a graphical interface and generates computer-readable metadata files, which capture information about genotypes, growth conditions, environmental perturbations and sampling strategy. Plant Cell and Environment 32, 1185–1200 (2009).
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