Publikationen von C. A. Albus

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Albus, C. A., Salinas, A., Czarnecki, O., Kahlau, S., Rothbart, M., Thiele, W., Lein, W., Bock, R., Grimm, B. & Schöttler, M. A. LCAA, a Novel Factor Required for Magnesium Protoporphyrin Monomethylester Cyclase Accumulation and Feedback Control of Aminolevulinic Acid Biosynthesis in Tobacco. Plant Physiology 160, 1923–1939 (2012).
Krech, K., Ruf, S., Masduki, F. F., Thiele, W., Bednarczyk, D., Albus, C. A., Tiller, N., Hasse, C., Schöttler, M. A. & Bock, R. The plastid genome-encoded Ycf4 protein functions as a non-essential assembly factor for photosystem I in higher plants. Plant Physiology 159, 579–591 (2012).
Schöttler, M. A., Albus, C. A. & Bock, R. Photosystem I: Its biogenesis and function in higher plants. Journal of Plant Physiology 168, 1452–1461 (2011).
Albus, C. A., Ruf, S., Schöttler, M. A., Lein, W., Kehr, J. & Bock, R. Y3IP1, a Nucleus-Encoded Thylakoid Protein, Cooperates with the Plastid-Encoded Ycf3 Protein in Photosystem I Assembly of Tobacco and Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 22, 2838–2855 (2010).
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