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de Almeida, C. P., de Carvalho Paulino, J. F., Carbonell, S. A. M., Chiorato, A. F., Song, Q., Rainaldi, V., Rodriguez, M., Papa, R. & Benchimol-Reis, L. L. Genetic diversity, population structure, and andean introgression in Brazilian common bean cultivars after half a century of genetic breeding. Genes 11, (2020).
Wenk, S., Schann, K., He, H., Rainaldi, V., Kim, S., Lindner, S. N. & Bar-Even, A. An “energy-auxotroph” E. coli provides an in vivo platform for assessing NADH regeneration systems. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 117, 3422–3434 (2020).
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