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Eng, R. C., Schneider, R., Matz, T., Carter, R., Ehrhardt, D. W., Jönsson, H., Nikoloski, Z. & Sampathkumar, A. KATANIN and CLASP function at different spatial scales to mediate microtubule response to mechanical stress in Arabidopsis cotyledons. Current Biology 31, 3262–3274 (2021).
Schneider, R., Klooster, K., Picard, K. L., van der Gucht, J., Demura, T., Janson, M., Sampathkumar, A., Deinum, E. E., Ketelaar, T. & Persson, S. Long-term single-cell imaging and simulations of microtubules reveal principles behind wall patterning during proto-xylem development. Nature Communications 12, (2021).
Zhao, F., Du, F., Oliveri, H., Zhou, L., Ali, O., Chen, W., Feng, S., Wang, Q., Lü, S., Long, M., Schneider, R., Sampathkumar, A., Godin, C., Traas, J. & Jiao, Y. Microtubule-Mediated Wall Anisotropy Contributes to Leaf Blade Flattening. Current Biology 30, 3972–3985 (2020).
Schneider, R., Sampathkumar, A. & Persson, S. Quantification of Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Time-Lapse Recordings. Current protocols in plant biology 4, (2019).
Watanabe, Y., Schneider, R., Barkwill, S., Gonzales-Vigil, E., Hill Jr., J. L., Samuels, A. L., Persson, S. & Mansfield, S. D. Cellulose synthase complexes display distinct dynamic behaviors during xylem transdifferentiation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115, E6366–E6374 (2018).
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