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Kössler, S., Armarego-Marriott, T., Tarkowska, D., Tureckova, V., Agrawal, S., Mi, J., Perez da Sousa, L., Schöttler, M. A., Schadach, A., Fröhlich, A., Bock, R., Al-Babili, S., Ruf, S., Sampathkumar, A. & Moreno, J. C. Lycopene β-cyclase expression influences plant physiology, development and metabolism in tobacco plants. Journal of Experimental Botany 72, 2544–2569 (2021).
McFarlane, H. E., Mutwil-Anderwald, D., Verbančič, J., Picard, K. L., Gookin, T. E., Fröhlich, A., Chakravorty, D., Trindade, L. M., Alonso, J. M., Assmann, S. M. & Persson, S. A G protein-coupled receptor-like module regulates cellulose synthase secretion from the endomembrane system in Arabidopsis. Developmental Cell 56, 1484–1497.e7 (2021).
Di Vittori, V., Bitocchi, E., Rodriguez, M., Alseekh, S., Bellucci, E., Nanni, L., Gioia, T., Marzario, S., Logozzo, G., Rossato, M., De Quattro, C., Murgia, M. L., Ferreira, J. J., Campa, A., Xu, C., Fiorani, F., Sampathkumar, A., Fröhlich, A., Attene, G., Delledonne, M., Usadel, B., Fernie, A. R., Rau, D. & Papa, R. Pod indehiscence in common bean is associated to the fine regulation of PvMYB26. Journal of Experimental Botany 72, 1617–1633 (2020).
Heinze, L., Freimuth, N., Roessling, A.-K., Hahnke, R., Riebschlager, S., Fröhlich, A., Sampathkumar, A., McFarlane, H. E. & Sauer, M. EPSIN1 and MTV1 define functionally overlapping but molecularly distinct trans-Golgi network subdomains in Arabidopsis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117, 25880–25889 (2020).
Endler, A., Kesten, C., Schneider, R., Zhang, Y., Ivakov, A., Fröhlich, A., Funke, N. & Persson, S. A Mechanism for Sustained Cellulose Synthesis during Salt Stress. Cell 162, 1353–1364 (2015).
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