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Fünfgeld, M. F. F., Wang, W., Ishihara, H., Arrivault, S., Feil, R., Smith, A. M., Stitt, M., Lunn, J. E. & Niittylä, T. Sucrose synthases are not involved in starch synthesis in Arabidopsis leaves. Nature Plants 8, 574–582 (2022).
Ivakov, A., Flis, A., Apelt, F., Fünfgeld, M. F. F., Scherer, U., Stitt, M., Kragler, F., Vissenberg, K., Persson, S. & Suslov, D. Cellulose Synthesis and Cell Expansion Are Regulated by Different Mechanisms in Growing Arabidopsis Hypocotyls. The Plant Cell 29, 1305–1315 (2017).
Arrivault, S., Guenther, M., Fry, S. C., Fünfgeld, M. F. F., Veye, D., Mettler-Altmann, T., Stitt, M. & Lunn, J. E. Synthesis and Use of Stable-Isotope-Labeled Internal Standards for Quantification of Phosphorylated Metabolites by LC-MS/MS. Analytical Chemistry 87, 6896–6904 (2015).
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