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Lejay, L., Wirth, J., Pervent, M., Cross, J. M. F., Tillard, P. & Gojon, A. Oxidative pentose phosphate pathway-dependent sugar sensing as a mechanism for regulation of root ion transporters by photosynthesis. Plant Physiology 146, 2036–2053 (2008).
Cross, J. M., von Korff, M., Altmann, T., Bartzetko, L., Sulpice, R., Gibon, Y., Palacios, N. & Stitt, M. Variation of enzyme activities and metabolite levels in 24 arabidopsis accessions growing in carbon-limited conditions. Plant Physiology 142, 1574–1588 (2006).
Gibon, Y., Blaesing, O. E., Hannemann, J., Carillo, P., Hoehne, M., Hendriks, J. H. M., Palacios, N., Cross, J., Selbig, J. & Stitt, M. A robot-based platform to measure multiple enzyme activities in Arabidopsis using a set of cycling assays: Comparison of changes of enzyme activities and transcript levels during diurnal cycles and in prolonged darkness. Plant Cell 16, 3304–3325 (2004).
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