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Gouws, L. M., Botes, E., Wiese, A. J., Trenkamp, S., Torres-Jerez, I., Tang, Y., Hills, P. N., Usadel, B., Lloyd, J. R., Fernie, A. R., Kossmann, J. & van der Merwe, M. J. The plant growth promoting substance, lumichrome, mimics starch, and ethylene-associated symbiotic responses in lotus and tomato roots. Frontiers in Plant Science 3, 120 (2012).
Rohrmann, J., Tohge, T., Alba, R., Osorio, S., Caldana, C., McQuinn, R., Arvidsson, S., van der Merwe, M. J., Riano-Pachon, D. M., Mueller-Roeber, B., Fei, Z., Nunes-Nesi, A., Giovannoni, J. J. & Fernie, A. R. Combined transcription factor profiling, microarray analysis and metabolite profiling reveals the transcriptional control of metabolic shifts occurring during tomato fruit development. The Plant Journal 68, 999–1013 (2011).
George, G. M., van der Merwe, M. J., Nunes-Nesi, A., Bauer, R., Fernie, A. R., Kossmann, J. & Lloyd, J. R. Virus-Induced Gene Silencing of Plastidial Soluble Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Impairs Essential Leaf Anabolic Pathways and Reduces Drought Stress Tolerance in Nicotiana benthamiana. Plant Physiology 154, 55–66 (2010).
van der Merwe, M. J., Groenewald, J. H., Stitt, M., Kossmann, J. & Botha, F. C. Downregulation of pyrophosphate: d-fructose-6-phosphate 1-phosphotransferase activity in sugarcane culms enhances sucrose accumulation due to elevated hexose-phosphate levels. Planta 231, 595–608 (2010).
van der Merwe, M. J., Osorio, S., Araujo, W. L., Balbo, I., Nunes-Nesi, A., Maximova, E., Carrari, F., Bunik, V. I., Persson, S. & Fernie, A. R. Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle Activity Regulates Tomato Root Growth via Effects on Secondary Cell Wall Production. Plant Physiology 153, 611–621 (2010).
van der Merwe, M. J., Osorio, S., Moritz, T., Nunes-Nesi, A. & Fernie, A. R. Decreased Mitochondrial Activities of Malate Dehydrogenase and Fumarase in Tomato Lead to Altered Root Growth and Architecture via Diverse Mechanisms. Plant Physiology 149, 653–669 (2009).
Ruffel, S., Freixes, S., Balzergue, S., Tillard, P., Jeudy, C., Martin-Magniette, M. L., van der Merwe, M. J., Kakar, K., Gouzy, J., Fernie, A. R., Udvardi, M. K., Salon, C., Gojon, A. & Lepetit, M. Systemic signaling of the plant nitrogen status triggers specific transcriptome responses depending on the nitrogen source in Medicago truncatula. Plant Physiology 146, 2020–2035 (2008).

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Meeting Abstract
van der Merwe, M. J., Osorio, S., Moritz, T., Nunes-Nesi, A. & Fernie, A. R. The role and regulation of the tricarboxylic acid cycle in Solanum lycopersicum roots. in South African Journal of Botany 75, 424–424 (2009).
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