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Schneider, R.; Tang, L.; Lampugnani, E. R.; Barkwill, S.; Lathe, R.; Zhang, Y.; McFarlane, H. E.; Pesquet, E.; Niittyla, T.; Mansfield, S. D. et al.; Zhou, Y.; Persson, S.: Two Complementary Mechanisms Underpin Cell Wall Patterning during Xylem Vessel Development. The Plant Cell 29 (10), S. 2433 - 2449 (2017)
Zhang, Y.; Nikolovski, N.; Sorieul, M.; Vellosillo, T.; McFarlane, H. E.; Dupree, R.; Kesten, C.; Schneider, R.; Driemeier, C.; Lathe, R. et al.; Lampugnani, E.; Yu, X.; Ivakov, A.; Doblin, M. S.; Mortimer, J. C.; Brown, S. P.; Persson, S.; Dupree, P.: Golgi-localized STELLO proteins regulate the assembly and trafficking of cellulose synthase complexes in Arabidopsis. Nature Communications 7, 11656 (2016)
Worden, N.; Wilkop, T. E.; Esteve, V. E.; Jeannotte, R.; Lathe, R.; Vernhettes, S.; Weimer, B.; Hicks, G.; Alonso, J.; Labavitch, J. et al.; Persson, S.; Ehrhardt, D.; Drakakaki, G.: CESA TRAFFICKING INHIBITOR Inhibits Cellulose Deposition and Interferes with the Trafficking of Cellulose Synthase Complexes and Their Associated Proteins KORRIGAN1 and POM2/CELLULOSE SYNTHASE INTERACTIVE PROTEIN1. Plant Physiology 167 (2), S. 381 - 393 (2015)
Landrein, B.; Lathe, R.; Bringmann, M.; Vouillot, C.; Ivakov, A.; Boudaoud, A.; Persson, S.; Hamant, O.: Impaired Cellulose Synthase Guidance Leads to Stem Torsion and Twists Phyllotactic Patterns in Arabidopsis. Current Biology 23 (10), S. 895 - 900 (2013)

Editorial (1)

Doering, A.; Lathe, R.; Persson, S.: An Update on Xylan Synthesis. Molecular Plant 5 (4), S. 769 - 771 (2012)
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